It's time CAT Fans to make some noise!!!!!!!!!!

It's time CAT fans to get off our duffs and make some noise at the CFL office about the CRAPPY OFFICIATING against the CATS this year, years past this STINKS soooo bad, I'm sure Higgans and Don Mathews are somewhere behind this crap. Lets write George Black Director, Officiating at the CFL and make sure our message is clear that CFL refs like Kim Murphy and his gang should be banned from further reffing in the CFL. Don Mathews last game against the Ti-Cats was quoted at half time when talking about the penilties that "I will make sure that we change the bad call against the Al's" second half no bad call against Mathews but a buntch against the Ti-Cats. Sme thing tonight Higgans gets made when Burris gets hit by Gordon, he gets flagged but when two Calgary players hit Maas exact same style of QB slide NO FLAG, is that crap or is that crap, this is no longer a level playing field when we are called so many times and the other team walks away laughing, it's time to let your voices be heard, CFL REFS ARE BUSH LEAGUE AND STINK!!!!!!!!!

yes we lost because of the refs....

Missed FG's to win the game.

Over 400 yards given up by defense.

multiple turnovers and NO points scored by offense.

Yes lets blame the refs.

One bad call..but you can't blame the refs as per the reason's noted above!

I don't think we should make noise against officiating..ok we,but,.I think we should start making noise about our inept team..especailly the coaching!

okay sec29guy, lets call it day because every other team deserves good calls what do we need penilties against us for and why do we really need to protect our QB's for anyway? Is that what you are trying to say or are you really an Argo Fan!!!!!

Is that what you are trying to say or are you really an Argo Fan!!!!!
You caught me...