It's their time...

I have always strongly believed that in professional sport every team (even the worst ones) will eventually be in the right situation to succeed. It even happened to the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2002 which are arguably the worst team in the history of pro football.

It also goes the other way that even the best of the good teams will have bad years when enough bad ingredients are there.

The Ticats are due for a very good season in 2013. I truly feel it is their time to shine and a different playing environment (Guelph) will help revive new life into the talent this year.

The Als are due an atrocious season. One so bad that it will make 2007 look like a successful year. It will be joyous for us.

What do you fellow Ticat fans think?

I always hope we have a great season and wish for a horrible season for the other teams lol. As for the Als, I really think it could go either way. They signed some decent free agents and with a new coaching staff they could tank, but every time I expect them to have a crap yeary they don't.

Cette équipe a eu la meilleure offensive de la ligue en 2012. Ses principaux problèmes ont été la constance et la défensive.

Si Austin peut régler le problème de la défensive, cette équipe pourra aspirer aux grands honneurs. Il y a de bons joueurs autour desquels on peut bâtir, mais il faudra aussi du sang neuf. Il semble que l'équipe a pris cette voie.

I think the Als will be fighting it out with Winnipeg to avoid being the worst team in the league. We'll show flashes of being a very good team and provide optimism for 2014, but finish around 9-9 and finish second in the East this season (which wouldn't be bad at all, considering the circumstances).

Go easy on my Bucs though.

I’m with Zenstate on this one. If you want to see a team come out fighting when their backs are the wall, put them
in a near impossible position. i.e. Having to play their home games on foreign soil. I believe this “setback” could
actually work in Hamilton’s favour.

I’m looking for a winning season this year and a Grey cup appearance next year.

Caution: I’m usually wrong on these guesses.

well said

I agree 100 :cowboy: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: %

Call me crazy (many have), but I'll stick my neck out and say first place for the Cats.

Winnipeg I think we can count on finishing last. Toronto will have something of a let-down, so I see them and Montreal battling for second/third; the Als have a totally new coaching staff so it will take them some time to get it together (much as did the Argos last season).

Hamilton is a juggernaut in waiting. . . the offence should be just as good as last season, so all that's really needed is a defensive upgrade, and I think they'll get it.

Of course, all bets are off if Burris goes down for any length of time, or if Chris Williams doesn't return, or a horrendous set of injuries occur.

Hamilton has had a lot of turnover in the coaching staff too. With Cortez gone, it's not 100% guaranteed that Austin will be able to replicate the offensive success of 2012. It's likely, but not guaranteed.

Cats have just as many question marks as the Als do on defense. I see Toronto front-running the division, with Hamilton and Montreal in a dogfight for second place, and Winnipeg in the basement.

Barring a serious injury to a starting QB or a magically/mystical performance by one of Winnipeg's QB's I think your scenario is the most likely.

Absolutely, injuries are always the wildcard.

Why don't you make a thread about that and ask people then.

I would think someone who travels as you list above would understand that people can move from place to place. I was born and raised in Ontario and have been a Ticat fan since I was about 5-6. I moved to BC for a job in 2003 and I see the Cats here each year along with making it to Edm and Cal for a Ticat game when I can.

I never brought up that you lived in Halifax so I don't see how where I live is relevant.

I honestly have nothing personal against any of you Als fans. I just whole heartedly don't care about anything you have to say about my team. You take this far too personal it seems. It's not you I dislike but rather your team affiliation.

I did read the question. And I am a Ticat fan.

Born and raised in Hamilton, still attend games there, proud member of the Cats Claws Fan Club, attend several of their functions each year, such as the Walk of Fame dinner, the Labour Day BBQ with players and coaches.

I am a CFL fan first and foremost; in terms of specific teams, for me it's Montreal 1A and Hamilton 1B. . . everyone else is in between 1 and 8, and who occupies those intermediate spots varies from season to season, depending on how much I enjoy (or don't enjoy) watching that team play, and, of course, having been born and raised in Hamilton, that blue team is #8.

Not for you to tell others to go away.


When the Als and Ticats play I assume you're not happy if the Ticats win and the Als lose right?

You can get away with saying that you have a fondness for the Cats but how can you truly be a fan if there is ever a situation when you hope they lose? You may not see it but there is some very basic logic in that.

You would be shunned by some Als fans if you ever hoped Hamilton would win.

Zenstate you might want to consider that a certain amount of people are fans of multiple teams. I see from an above post you see it as a black/white proposition but I can assure you it is not. I follow the Tiger-cats just as close as I do the Als. The CFL has many, many fans who follow, support more than one team. I am not going to tell you how to think. Just don't try to take some kind of moral high ground that I have no right to post or engage in discussions here. The only privilege you have is to add anyone and as many posters you wish to your ignore list.

You understand me correctly. When I said Montreal 1A and Hamilton 1B, that's what it means. Were it to be Hamilton 1A and Montreal 1B, then yes I would not be happy if Montreal wins. I always cheer for Hamilton to win, except when they play Montreal. If the Als can't win the Grey Cup, I want Hamilton to.

I'll grant you there is some logic to that if, as HfxTC noted, you see things in black and white; I don't. I have two favourite teams, one team I refuse to cheer for, and the rest are somewhere in between. I have no difficulty with it even if you would have trouble with it. To each his own. I can respect your position that you cheer only for Hamilton and dislike all the rest. I hope that you can respect my position even though it varies from yours.

Well, truth be told, the Mrs and I have this annual tradition, on our wedding anniversary we visit a different CFL city each year to watch a season opener; and our tradition is that we wear home team jerseys and cheer for the home team that day, regardless of who it might be. So a few years back we were in Regina and wore Riders' gear and cheered against Montreal (and was called a 'traitor' by one Als' fan. . .but all in good fun).

That fan was me and it was absolutely in good fun and with the utmost respect.

I know it was, HfxTC, and I took it in that spirit !

But back to the topic. . >I do think this could just be Hamilton's year. . .I don't think Cortez being gone will have any negative impact on the offence at all, I think the new brain trust will do a better job on the running game so if anything it may actually improve. I have hopes that the defence will be much improved (it could hardly be worse), and I suspect it'll be improved enough for first place.

I just don’t know how playing in Guelph will impact themThat’s an unknown, the other thing is no matter where they finish in the standings, they will be the “visiting” team in the post season.

I want every team in the league to be healthy financially and in terms of good fan support. All the teams need each other to be healthy and grow as a league. No doubt about that at all.

For me though I can only cheer another team when it helps the Cats somehow. That means that I always cheer for west teams to beat eastern opponents. Or low ranked east teams to beat a higher ranked east team contending with the Cats for 1st or 2nd.

So what your saying is you will only cheer for the Tiger-Cats but you SUPPORT all teams...I get you where many of us change from that is when we attend a Grey Cup at least that's how it was for me anyway in 1977, 1980 and 1981. I was fortunate enough to attend Grey Cups as a kid.