Its the truth

Ticat havent had a decent offense since paopao was in charge.


You have strange definition of "truth".

Is this a joke? 25 hitch passes in a row doesn't equal a good offence. Nice thread though. He's coaching varsity now. We haven't had an offence since R.D. Lancaster jr.

We haven't had an offence since McManus and Flutie in the late 90's and early in this decade ...

I challenge you to prove the falicy of my statement.

FootbalYouBet, I think what everyone is trying to say is that Hamilton's offense was horrible when Paopao ran it. Look it up. IT WAS BAD!!!
And he had talent to work with (Maas, Holmes, Ranek, Flick, Vaughn, Ralph, Lumsden). The poster above who wrote about the hitch passes is right.

To the person who posted about R.D. Lancaster is wrong though too. He wasn't much better.

With the exception of '98-'01, Hamilton has never been a great team offensively. It's always been defense in this town.

actually 2004 danny threw for 5000 yards which is a pretty good offensive year.....the negative was the 20 plus int's. lol. but nevertheless we were pretty potent that year minus the playoff game against toronto. lol. oh and believe it or not it was a barressi led offensive attack. i think it was despite coaching if you ask me.

Ticat havent had a decent offense since paopao was in charge.
WHEN he was in charge, as well.

ya see, assumption assumption assumption.

Nowhere in my statement did I say that the offense was any better under paopao, just that it has been no good since paopao. Now, isnt that 100% truth???

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