its the thought that counts.

it was my birthday about a week ago and my family know im a big tiger cat fan. My brother doesnt follow football but he ended up buying me a really nice tiger cat jersey. I noticed it says Jason Maas number 11 on the jersey. I didnt want to be rude and tell him that Jason Maas is no longer on the team adn when he was here he pretty much sucked but oh well.

I will still wear it becuase i have respect for my brother and it was the thought that counts. He didnt have any idea anyways

So next year if you see a Jason Maas number 11 jersey in the stands you will know why,...hehehe..dont boo my jersey please ..hehehe


Ever read the childs book the hockey sweater if not i suggest you do your anwser lies in that book :smiley:

i never read that book the hockey sweater but i will definately read it. I know jerseys can get quite expensive and what not. i was actually surprised when my brother gave me that. Its a really nice ti cat jersey. I have a Danny McManus one my dad bought me a few years ago when Hamilton won the Grey Cup in 1999. I still wear it at times. :slight_smile:

Nothing to be embarrassed about, wearing a jersey with a former player's name on it - it won't even make you stand out, with the turnover of the last few seasons.

I was watching a documentary on television one time, and it was about how scuzzy some people are, flying to far-off places and having sex with children. Anyway, there's footage of this guy, picking a kid out of a line-up and paying the kid's pimp, and although the guy's face is pixellated, he's wearing a St. John's Maple Leafs shirt with a name on the back. Ddin't recognize the name, so I rushed to the Internet, looking for recent St. John's rosters, wondering how many guys would have that exact shirt. I could find no mention of a St. John's player with that surname, so I figure the guy's probably wearing a pretty rare jersey. In a documentary about child sex exploitation! That's a guy in a jersey that should be ashamed of himself.

Another reason I hate Leaf fans.

What a RIDICULOUS statement… 1 jersey does NOT make a team of child molestors… I suggest you retract that statement, I am IMMENSLEY offended!!!

How DARE you associate LEAFS fans with a child molester???

Section8, there are lots of reasons to hate Leafs fans but you're reallllllllly reaching on that one.

The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carriere is a Canadian classic, taught in school. I'm sure the library would have it. Great book.

An Argo-Cat fan

I know The Hockey Sweater - it's a fine book, but it has nothing to do with my post. I didn't quote anyone's post in mine.

Mine was just an extreme jersey-related story inspired by a post about the potential embarrassment of wearing a Maas jersey. A creepy story, I realize, but I see a "what the hell was that guy thinking, putting on an instantly recognizable jersey before going to do something like that" element in it that makes it interesting.

The last line was just a throwaway statement - I'm sorry that HTD was immensely offended, but the idea that anyone would think I was seriously suggesting that all 3 million Leaf fans are responsible for that one Leaf fan's actions is truly amazing to me. I figure that some comments are so ridiculous that no one could possible take them seriously.

Tell you what, HTD, you delete your post, which contains my quote, and I'll delete the original post.


There are emoticons to help portray the true meaning of a post, well except for a sarcastic post and people will usually make their own such as [sarcasm][/sarcasm].

I may have misread your original post but in your eyes but in mine I saw nothing to portray anything but a true meaning, I'm not one for deleting a post as it leads to half stories. I was severly offended by the context of your post as I did not see anything to lead me to believe anything else and I was not the only one, that is assuming BF's post was not based on my reaction.

I have been here quite a while and do know the traits of a few posters but your is not one I have picked up. It may have been one of the most rediculous comments as you stated but I urge you, in future posts that you use the emoticons to accurately display the context to produce the desired effect of your post.

Your response has eased my offense of your post considerably as I NOW know the true context

all is well