Ok off seasons done camps over and were ready for the real season time to predict
i pick the cats at 5 wins 3 losses after labour day and 6 wins 4 losses the second half of the year.
this gives them a first round bye with a record of 11-7 and home advantage against the ARRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOOSSSSS which they win in a nail biter and go on to face the roughriders again in the grey cup which they lose again but closer.
lets here from the rest of yous on ur thoughts????

I find it too hard to predict the season record. Too many variables.
Looking at the team before the first game though I find:

Areas of strength

Coaching Staff - arguably the best in the league. no one makes adjustments during games and between games better than our coaches.
Receiving core - even with the odd injury we can field an excellent group of receivers.
Running Back - Can catch , block and run . Soffele and Madu will prove to be quality back ups.
D- line - Together for 2nd season . Very important. I look for, a lighter and faster, Norwood to excel as a quality rush end. Laurent addition will be nothing but helpful. Hazime will blossom this year.
P/K - I have confidence in Justin Medlock.
Simoni Lawrence : Most underrated LB in the league. Not after this year.
Stronger secondary for second year in a row. Old weakness is now a strength.
Canadian content - will help with flexibility while setting game day line ups and will help us deal with injury situations that happen.

Areas of uncertainty

Zach Collaros - I believe this guy will be a terrific QB because of his ability to improvise but he needs to take the reigns and deliver before we can anoint him the next one.
Fredric Plessius - Is he the next Henoc Muamba ? If he is, we will be very tough to score on. The fact we have a strong line upfront will help in his development .
Sam Line backer - Who will eventually end up in that spot. Harris, Murray, Butler, Caldwell ,someone else or all of the above ?
C O Prime - Can he handle the heavy amount of blocking that FB's have to do in this offence ?

Area of weakness

o-line - I like our OT's . Figueroa is the best and Simmons is adequate.
IMHO the interior of the o-line was the weak part last year and we have not yet shown any improvement.
We need 3 of the following to rise to the occasion and emerge as solid interior line men.
Reinders, Rockhill, Rice , Filer, O'neill, Wojt, Myddelton or Alford. This has not happened yet.
Even if Wojt and O'neill have great years we are thin in this area. A couple of injuries and we will be in crisis mode.
I won't be surprised to see a lot of personnel changes in the first six games if the o-line doesn't get the job done.

All I know is the last two Grey Cups the Cats have won have been won at BC Place Stadium, so any time the Cup is played there I get excited.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I agree with this, except I have more uncertainty about the secondary. Unfortunately the interior of the o-line is a pretty serious weakness that can offset a lot of strengths other places.

Anyone else got predictions or noone cares?