Its The Coaching, Stupid.

Coach Tressman came to the Als as a noted offensive specialist in the NFL and, in the first two Als games, it is the offence that has shined. It would appear that Montreal now have an offense that gets lots of points on the scoreboard. Tressman has installed an offensive system that is superior to the 07 one.

At the end of 07 many thought the offensive line was washed up. Tonight it would appear that the same linemen have been transformed and they gave Calvillo the time he required to both pass, and run, and gave the Als the deserved win over Winnipeg. Calvillo played with precision with his passing and, two timely 20 yard runs. He was the offensive star of the game.

In past years Avon Colbourne returned kicks and played some defense. He out hustled Payton in training camp and has demonstrated superion skills in his role of first team fullback. It is great to see the Als using the screen pass finally! Colbourne demonstrated running skills as he has both quickness and power. In additon he is an excellent blocking back.

Last year Dan Desrevaux grabbed a few sideline passes for 2-4 yards per catch. In tonight’s game, his first 100 yard effort, he showed that he can be effective downfield. He might be, in the long run, the replacement for Ben Cahoon. Pretty good for a 6th round Canadian draft choice.

On defense, the Als played well until Diamond Ferri was injured. After that Winnipeg made a good comeback and, might have taken the game but for a great offensive effort by Calvillo, Colbourne and Watkins.

Tressman has made a difference to the same players we saw in 07. This was the Coaches game to win and , the players were up for that task.

The Als offensive has looked absolutely brilliant so far. Defence has played well too.

kudos too the als!

Based on thr first two weeks (I know, I know)
Montreal is the team to beat in the East.


I was always confident Trestman would turn things around, I had a good feeling about him, but I am still impressed by him.

When he 1st arrived, he adressed the weaknesses of last season.

The Offensive Line has been giving Calvillo a lot of time. Calvillo looks good in the pochet and makes good passes. He has plenty of room to run, as well.

Defensive Line, I'm not sure where they stand right now, but last week they were leading the leagues in sacks, against a mobile QB like Printers. Not only that, they've stuffed the run very well. Lumsden and Roberts combined, don't have 100 yards against this Defense.

Offense looks great! It looks as though Trestman has different Strategies for the different QBs on this team. Calvillo looks to be more pochet oriented, while guys like Banks and McPherson have a lot of roll outs and play actions.

Defense, I was a bit nervous about. I thought Trestman would be all Offense, and wouldn't know what to do with the Defense, but I am pleasantly shocked! This defense is built on speed. My only complaints, I would like to see them Blitz a bit more, and also, again, the MISSED TACKLES. Other than that, I'm convinced this Defense can win a championship.

Coach Trestman is well spoken. The players seem to like him, and he seems to say the right things. He also seems very organised. It took a while to get his Head Coach job, and doesn't want to fail. He takes his job seriously, and uses his knowledge and creativity to it's fullest. For the players to like him, and to see the effort he's making for this team, that helps a lot, and makes it an enjoyable enviroment, based on personal experiences as a player.

Great post by Hassal, but 1 thing you failed to mention, comparing this season to last season, is the biggest difference. The smiles on the players' faces this season, compared to last season. The players are having a lot more fun that last season, already.

It's so encouraging. Even sitting at the Stadium tonight, the ambiance was so good! It brought back a lot of memories of the good ol' times!


Its a team effort. I congratulate Vince Martino for giving the Oline the confidence and the support it needs to achieve.

Jaime Elizondo who is improving every single receiver on the roster

Time Burke for returning the defense to its roots. Speed and balance.

Michael Sinclair for improving the technique of our defensive linesmen.

Scott Milanovich: For the remarkable harmony and development of the quarterbacks

Jim Popp for providing depth and choice to his coahcing staff after a traumatic year

The Wettenhaul family for investing big bucks in this coaching staff.

Finaly you have to recognize the work the players did at camp. It was brutal but its paying off in performance,team spirit and low injuries.

Its a team game...

What a difference a real head coach makes! :slight_smile:

I’ll eat crow right now and give full credit to Trestman for not only adapting to the CFL game but embarrassing the defenses of Hamilton and Winnipeg in his debut. He called a masterful game against both teams and the Als executed to perfection.

I still have some question marks about the D. Our pass rush still isn’t where it should be and I have to wonder if our Smurf linebacking corps can effectively stop the run over a whole season. But like Hfx said, kudos to Burke for getting our D back to its roots. When our D was at its peak in 2002 with Matthews in charge, team speed and intelligence were the hallmarks. Guys like Mark Megna, Kevin Johnson, Stefan Reid, and Tim Strickland weren’t the biggest, strongest guys, but they flew to the ball and they knew the game up and down. That’s how our pressure defense thrived. When I look at our current roster and see players like Ferri, Hill, Taylor, and Drew, I see that same commitment to speed and intelligence, and it’s very refreshing. Remember Mark Word? Sometimes size isn’t the most important thing. :wink:

You got to have balance on both side of the ball and so far that is the Als strenght.