Its that time!

Get your red on, its almost game time!


I did post a game day thread, but being you are a Stamps fan, I will defer to you. I did say this could be a trap game for the Stamps like it was for the Riders last week. Esks could surprise.. but I doubt it...

Tried to post on the Stamps Esks Game Day thread, but it says the Topic Requested does not exist.


Sorry bout that, but I deleted it because I saw this one

Hard to believe it, but I'm an Esks fan today. My family is soooo ashamed. But it must be this way, as the Esks need to stay up on the Lions.

Still, cheering for the Esks. Brrrrrr...Hell is freezing over.

Sambo you wearing your red shirt? :rockin: :rockin:

Should be an interesting game.

I'm curious how our new D lineman's going to do. (Mace)

Cheer loud! :rockin: :rockin:

I see a thread already exists for the Stamp/Eskie game, I created a game thread not realizing so MODS if you like you can punt the other one if you like.


Or lock this one.

Yours looks more official.

Lets just see who's thread gets more hits, kinda like a bet, oops I just padded your topic :smiley:


Tor Ham gets no thread (til the 4th Q, and then only a few comments), and this game gets two!!!!

Now we know where the REAL LD Classics are played....THE WEST

OMG Campbell didn't drop it!!!