Yes, let the nonsense begin.
In my fair area here in the self professed Center of the Universe and wannabee US state, the nauseating overkill of mega pages in the newspapers is surfacing. Likewise the TV and Radio media. With on air people already talking about what they are going to do and how many people will attend the Super Bore parties.
This excruciating babble rivals no others not even close to our true Canadiana and sporting event of the year nation wide, the Grey Cup.
Is it only me that feels the need to take a vacation the week before and inclusive of the game itself to some place like Bora Bora or wait, with the alleged(lies) of billions and billions habitants world wide will see this non event.
What is your area like?

Lots of Super Bowl parties planned 'round these parts, and I'll be watching, as usual.....and I'm looking forward to it, too.....

Lots of Super Bowl parties around Edmonton, and I for one can't get enough of it. My favourite team is in it this year and I can't wait to watch it on Feb.4.

Me and my friends are having a pretty large potluck along with a two table poker tourney. I love the super bowl, more for the party then the game. I say stop complaining. Its the only footbally going on right now, and after its done then there isn';t quality football again till the CFL starts again. I know that this sunday is gonna feel very empty. and then two weeks after that it will feel even emptier.

I haven't heard a thing about the Superbowl at all here in Winnipeg. Maybe I'm just in the wrong circles, but heck! I'm glad I'm not hearing it. I've got nothing against the game but boy I hate the over-hype.

Also I'm sure glad the Saints are out of the playoffs.

If they had won I shudder to imagine the months of having to hear about the fairy tale ending for the New Orleans Saints, and how the Saint's victory cured cancer and ended world famine, which is what all the major sports networks would practically be saying.

Our same old group that have Grey Cup parties will be doing our usual for Super Bowl. Lots of food as usual....(Jenny Craig, sign me up!)I wish the media would hype the Grey Cup as well as the Americans hype Super Bowl.

As opposed to the stuff we are gonna hear if Manning wins?? Actually we will hear almost as much if he loses.
He is a really good qb, but man I hate hearing about him.

Im hoping the Indianapolis wins cause I cant stand the Bears. Actually the Saints would have a good story, but IMO, Peyton Manning is going to vault himself among the great QBs of the NFL. The Bears will fold if the Colts can score early and often on them.

Remember, if it weren't for the NFL and Super Bowl extravaganzas and parties, the Grey Cup would be a fraction of what it is now since few would care about football, period. So thank your lucky stars the NFL and Super Bowl exists otherwise the CFL wouldn't exist IMHO.
At the same time I do hear what you are saying argotom but after thinking about it, well, you just have to put it in perspective like I did above, for me anyway.

Looking forward to this game. Sorry Billy but I really like Manning and want to see him win. I really appreciate QB's in the NFL who go against NFL conservatism and air out the ball instead of being happy with 3 yard runs all game . In that respect Tom Brady is the same .
Now I just wish they'd get off the "World Champions " crap because we all know the BC Lions are '06 World Champions !

GO Colts!

Colts will win this by at least 14 is my prediction. But what is the condition of Manning's finger? I don't know.

A BC - SB winner showdown then that will determine World Champs for '06.

Not even sure if I’m going to watch, but if I do I just hope it’s better than last year’s torture-fest.

I would argue that if it weren't for the CFL and Grey Cup, the Superbowl would be about as big a deal up here as the World Series or NBA Finals ...

Also, considering the CFL developed on its own, without any interference (good or bad ... though it's mostly bad) from the States, I highly doubt it'd become extinct if the NFL and Superbowl kicked the bucket.

Good point Canuc. yes, the GC was around long before the SB and maybe the GC helped the folks in the States make the SB the big thing it is today, they saw how big the GC was in Canada way back when and said, this is how we should do it.

The stupidity continues.
I just heard on the radio the new Cardinal of Toronto, formerly from Edmonton.
Well, if the stupid host didn’t first ask him to “convert” from the Oilers to the Maple Lafs. Then near the end of the interview, the nonsense continued when the host asked who he liked for the Super Bowl. The Cardinal came up with a great answer saying he does not follow the NFL as being a CFL and Eskimo fan. Bravo.