It's That Odd Time of Year When You Root for Teams You Dislike

I was hoping for OT too. At least the Argos made a game of it.

Rod Black has a man crush on VA.

Accuracy is one thing but if it isn’t against wind there’s simply no excuse to come up short. That isn’t pro level place kicking.

Tyler hasn’t been the same after his injury. His pro career may be over.

Adams seems to be the media darling. I hope they don't show a bias against Dane Evans when it comes to any awards.

Guess the secret to being a great fanbase is to give up on your team till they start winning.

In other news Suitor is wearing his full riders uniform on the current broadcast

Suitor makes me puke. Never heard such a homer/cheerleader in all my life. His rambling rant against Simoni Lawrence, which went on all game a few weeks ago, made me want to choke him.

Wagged his finger at BLM this week and now he's second guessing command centre and officating like he's some esteemed well respected former politician talking about current government policy like his words carry weight.
Stick to what you do best, Glen, Rider storylines and walks down 1989 memory lane.
That's the Suitor we know and are used to.

It was sickening to listen to Black's shameless ass-kissing of Montreal. Since when did second place in the East come with such hyperbole?

When their fanbase gave up on the team and they had no owner.

Like all of this is such a feel good story.

Yep, nothing like a fickle fanbase to be so inspirational.

Saw a good one on twitter....

"Lots of talk this week across the country on the radio about who the best receiver in the league is .... Shaq Evans getting a lot of votes"

Glen, that was your show.... for Rider fans, it's not national. And yes Rider fans believe a Rider is the best.

Close. But the "worst team in the CFL" is here, waiting to meet the TiCats at 4 o'clock.
One interesting note about the DeadBlacks, though, is who they defeated in their 3 victories this year, and where those teams are, today, in the league-wide standings: MTL #5, CAL #3, SSK #2.

= could be the ultimate "trap game" - but the Cats have had that thrown at them so many times this year, including from me (plead guilty), that it holds no water any more.

I am officially PUMPED. :wink: