It's That Odd Time of Year When You Root for Teams You Dislike

I wouldn't mind seeing how far our depth players have progressed since pre-season. Guys like Sumpter, Ungerer and Beverette looked promising early on.

If we can lay a beating on Ottawa with our backups then we know we are in great shape for the foreseeable future. :slight_smile:

I have to cheered for the Argos, and that is when they play the bombers. Unless we need a bomber win, of course.

Just "roll" with it? :slight_smile:

Naturally. Just out of curiousity, as I don't follow US college, has Dane Evans ever played in a big bowl game, ever won one, when all the pressure was on?
Won in cold weather?

I don't follow US college either, but based on some googling, it looks like the "biggest" game Evans started was the 2015 Independence Bowl (one of several non-playoff invitational bowl games in NCAA Division I FBS).

Cheering for the enemy, temporarily, is somewhat like voting strategically in elections . Your candidate may not be in contention but you definitely don’t want the other guy to win . :)So you vote for your 2nd pick .

Fortunately for the Cats this year, it really doesn’t matter who we play in the playoffs or Grey Cup . TiCat coach Jim Trimble put it this way - We’ll waffle them ! 8)

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Strategic Cheering in the hopes the host City does not make the Grey Cup.

Yeah Pat, but he was also the topic of the remake song ‘Hang down your head Jim Trimble’. And the victim of Ploen/Grant era.

The Bombers were a powerhouse back then. They won Grey Cups against the Cats in 1958, 59, 61, and 1962 . The Cats beat them in 1953, 57, and 1965 .

The Cats and the Bombers certainly dominated the 50s and the 60s. Wouldn't it be nice to be a dominant team over the next decade or so . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy) * I remember attending the 1961 Cup in Toronto.

I’d like to see another good old time clash for Lord Grey’s Cup between the Blue Bombers and the Tiger-Cats. With retro uniforms and retro ticket prices too of course!


I be cheering for


in that order.

I wish that Lions, Reds, and Argos were in place of Als, Esks, and Stamps.

oh well.

As long as Ticats win, the rest doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Only cheer for the Tiger-Cats rest are insignificant. The rest of the team’s fans/media does not respect us - especially out west)

(I am, cheering for the Schooners to get a team ?)


I can't imagine EVER cheering for a team from the west, ESPECIALLY the roughriders.

Unless it literally meant our season being over, I would never ever cheer for anyone from the west.


When my son and I went to the Grey Cup in Toronto (Nags vs Two Colours) it was our first time. We thought we would be disinterested spectators just happy to be there. By the end of the first Quarter we were loudly cheering Ottawa (who we, of course, immediately started booing again once the next season began).

At the Cup, while there was no animosity, it quickly sorted into east and west cheering sections. Almost everybody was into it this way. Eski fan’s were cheering Calgary! ?
That’s like us cheering the A£G0$.

One reason that I don’t ever want to see a single division CFL.

That was another painful Grey Cup to watch. :frowning:

The only good thing about it was the nachos and wings that we're on the coffee table. ;D

Disagree. Watching the over-hyped Stamps lose the Grey Cup was anything but painful.

True. But both teams in that Grey Cup I equally despised. Eventually you just end up cheering for the lesser evil. ;D

Here’s hoping the Argos and Alouettes beat each other up in overtime.

Almost got there!

Geez Louise, Adams and the Als just barely squeaked out a 3 point win over the worst team in the CFL, and Adams is not only the Nissan Player of the Game, he’s the second coming of Calvillo?

I guess we have to hype our players to encourage the ratings and attendance.