It's That Odd Time of Year When You Root for Teams You Dislike

So last night I’m rooting for the Riders because if the Cats are in the Cup I would rather them not play the Stamps who would have essentially a home game.

I can even remember times I (gasp) rooted for the A£G@$.

I hope you quickly washed your mouth out with soap and said 10 Hail Mary's and 3 Our Fathers. :wink:

Say it ain't so Mark !!!

You mean to actually admit to one and all that you actually cheered for THEM ?!?

Well what can I say BUT............

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :o :o :o :o :o ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I certainly agree with your last statement. ?

I find myself cheering for some of the down and out teams; not because they are under dogs, but because I don’t want any teams to fold.
When Ottawa came in the league, I cheered for them, last year not so much.
Last year and this year it is Montreal.

Oddly enough, my second favorite team usually out does my favourite team. NOT THIS YEAR!

Obviously, every team must lose to us! Should be in the CFL constitution! ?

;DI don’t think it is a sin to strategically cheer for the bad guys if ultimately the end result helps the Cats.

I would reduce that sentence with just a quick “Forgive Me Father” while doing the sign of the cross. :wink:

Would it be OK to cheer for their opponents to lose?

I was thinking the same way about playing the Green Party in the Earl Grey Tea Party.

A Grey Cup game in Calgary with the Green Party is a Home game for them , they would be there

and loud including Watermelon Speaker Heads.

I still wish to whup the Green Party in the Earl Grey Cup , sweet revenge could be ours with green

tear drops falling.......oh ya!

No Stamps will mean Riders will buy up half the seats at least and be louder than a full stadium of Stamp fans

What's a good Baptist boy to do?

This is the only reasonable choice! Cheering for the opponent to choke is the only justifiable way around this conundrum.
I have actively cheered on for an Argo opponent to throw picks, fumble, drop passes etc.. on a few occasions

It is extremely (and I mean extremely) rare that I cheer for a western team over an eastern team.

My rules:

East vs West. Cheer for East.

within the East, Cheer for Hamilton, then cheering for Ottawa, then Montreal, finally Toronto.

But I’ll cheer for the Argos over EVERY team out West. Every one of them.

Only variation to this is if the we need a team from the west to win in order to keep the season alive. THEN I’ll cheer for the west.

Otherwise, I’ll cheer for the Argos over every single team out West.

I dislike the West.

When it’s West vs West, I will always cheer for whatever team is playing the Green Snot.

Last night I openly cheered for the Stamps. I’m not afraid of playing the Stamps in the GC. I will NOT cheer for the RR’s to beat ANYONE.

They have! Boom!


Ok, go Bombers! … Easter final lock;)

Guess we should thank them for helping us to lock up first place - especially after we had the nerve to lay a beat down on them in their own barn there a couple of weeks ago! ;D :wink: Not that we really needed the help - they certainly had reasons of their own for wanting to win that game against the larks.

That’s true.

The unfortunate part (not for us) is that the last 3 weeks of the season really has no drama. There is no team fighting for a playoff spot …or someone else fending off another team.

The west team standings hardly matter. Maybe if Sask gets 1st place they make it to the big dance. My money would still be on Calgary; no way a rookie-like Qb beats out BLM.

Our Cat’s own Evans’ situation excluded, naturally :smiley:

We can still a lay a good beat down on Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. It’s always nice to kick the s*** out of these teams! :stuck_out_tongue: