It's tall, it's fast... and it's heading to Montreal !

It's called... Thyrone Anderson !

A French CBC reporter gave a phonecall to Anderson in New Orleans to know how things are going. He said he expects to be back with Montreal. So far in the preseason, he hasn't been thrown a ball yet. He wasn't even dressed for the Saints 2nd preseason game...

It smells like we'll get one of our 1000 yards receiver back soon. Then Cahoon will be back too and we'll kick the crap outta all the CFL's team, except of course that of the almighty God-like squad of perfectly engineered athletes known as the Argonauts ! :?


If you are not joking …that will be a big + for MONTREAL…but they still have to fix their defence.

I know. The offense is not what is struggling right now. Our defence is porous and the special units don't pull their weight of the load. Nonetheless, I'll be happy to see big #87 dressed in red, white and blue again.

If MONTREAL can get 1 or 2 new guys on the defence [1 on the defensive line and 1 in the secondary]..........and they have CAHOON and # 87 back.....................they will be form and hard to beat,again.

I agree the def is the problem. 49 and 37 points should be enough to win games.

Hang in there T&T I think your pain will end tonight as the new week is starting. Unless you gotta go till ouch Sunday :lol:

Excellent strategy - losing a bet in a short week. . .Doesn't get much more fortunate than that with a loss.

Don’t know about that. When I look at the roster, I see plenty of talent. We just don’t seem to use it right. I don’t think we need more players, I think the players we have must find a way to get their groove back.

The system is what is wrong. I can’t believe the Als are dead last in sacks this year. And I preditc we won’t get any sack against Edmotnon this week either (unless Ray tries to rush after dropping too far back…). When Tugbenyoh plays in Megna’s stead, teams send two o-linemen on Stewart’s side so he’s forced to run the grand detour, and they let Tugbenyoh trip in his own shoelaces… pretty sad…

Im wondering, does he have to come back to Montreal or can he go anywhere?

No it's his option year of his contract, so he has to go back to Montreal.. unless Montreal doesn't want him. Brock Ralph will be back to, he's dropped a couple balls and hasn't been thrown very many passes. I know he's had 1 catch for 9 yards, a punt for 47 yards :shock: (I never knew he could punt) and that's it. So yeah a lotta players will be coming to the CFL in the next 2-3 weeks.

Brock Ralph dropped a ball???!!!

when's anderson starting??

When he officially get cut (which should happen on the day following next New Orleans' preseason game), he has 10 days to get another offer from an NFL team. If he gets none, he jumps in a plane to MTL and start the next game.

Can’t wait for Anderson and Cahoon! Great News! Now if we could only get our top draft pick Kashama? on defense too from the NFL.

Alain Kashama was signed through 2006 by the Bears. NFL teams rarely give multi-years contracts to guys they aren't sure of keeping. He'll probably stay a back-up, but that's better than being on the practice roster.