It's still a bit early...

but what are your picks for the pre season?

Mine are:

Week A
TO over Ham
Wpg over Mon
Cal over BC
Ssk over Edm

Week B
Mon over Wpg
Cal over BC
TO over Ham
Edm over Ssk

Week C
wait there isn't any week C [sigh] :cry:

picks for preseason
Common who cares!
I mean really!

True Ro only the rookies and vet's at the training camp care! As far as fans it is great to see the talent on your team in this case wins do not mean anything. Although do not tell the coaches or the players that.

Its tough to predict pre-season games because of the number of players teams will put into the game. The home teams will play a lot of players, and that can alter the outcomes of those games. Montreal has 5 or 6 QBs still in camp, and in their home game they might use them all, for evaluation. These games mean nothing towards the standings anyway, so why even bother to predict outcomes?

Week C is the start of the regular season.

It reminds me of another poster who said that all preseason games were boring to watch because he saw 1 yet wanted 3 weeks of preseason. Go figure

WinnerPegger, hellothere and Kanga-Kucha.

I love watching pre-season games, mostly because it’s been so long since I’ve seen real football, that I’ll watch almost anything that resembles it at this point.

But since these games are used only to evaluate talent and to gear up for the season, picking winners in the pre-season is like tossing a coin. Coaches don’t even care about the score: do you think Don Matthews was concerned last year when the Als lost to the Renegades?

I would be somewhat, but I would have been more concerned when they lost to them on Canada Day

I doubt that any coach who puts in 2nd and 3rd stringers are concerned after a preseason loss

for me, I would be cuz that means as a whole, my team is weak.

You have to evaluate talent, win or lose, because you need to see what they can do in game situations. Pre-season dont count in the standings, but they count to the players who are trying to stick with their respective teams. A bad performance means you could be cut, that what those are games are for, to see who has the talent and mettle to withstand the pressure of performing at a high level.

No it doesn't. If you play back-up receivers, with a backup QB behind a back-up offensive line, you'll obviously won't be able to get all these people in sync, because players always need a certain time to gel when mixed with different teammates.

During the year, if a receiver or a lineman gets injured, you'll know which backup to send in because you had time to see them in action. But that back-up will not join a whole bunch of inexperienced guys on the field. He will join all the starters. So he won't be as weak as he was in preseason, because the whole unit will not be constituted of rookies and less talented.

Am I explaining this right? I'm re-reading myself and am not sure if it sounds like what I'm trying to say.

Your Point Is Valid Third But Even Though In Preseason They’re Playing With Other Backups They Are Also Playing Against Other Backups So What Your Doing As A Coach Is Not Looking For Who Works Well Together But Your Looking For The Players Who Stand Out. The Gods Among Insects.

I dont agree bamboo.

Look at last year when the Als lost the first preseason game to Ottawa. Everyone one here was going on and on about how the Als were finished and Ottawa was the new power in town. Well the Als went to the cup and Ottawa didnt make the playoffs so what did that game mean?

Ah you missed one Yogidadumbbear