It's starting to all come together...for the Cats

I really think that we fans are in for many more good the season unfolds. I truly believe that this new group of players that Coach Taaffe has put together..made one very large step in the right direction this past Friday against Winnipeg. They learned how to win as a team...
Jason Maas also showed us that when the O-line does it's job and the receivers...give that extra these guys are for real. And what about Lumsden...this young guy is a freight-train...period.
The Cats didn't just beat Winnipeg...they stomped them. A one hit wonder...not in your life.
With a bit more fine-tuning on Defence and everyone getting on the same page as an Offence. I think our guys...may just shock the hell out of more than just a few, both teams..and fans, in the remander of the 07 season. :thup: