It's so cute about the Bombers

My wife finds it so cute, that Bomber fans think that they actually stand a chance against the Cat's.I just think it's sad. The way the Cat's are playing right now, it may even be difficult for the Lions to beat them. Bombers you had a good run, but soon your pain will be over. Cat's will score over 35 while the Bombers may get 2 FG. By half time the game should be well out of reach for the Bombers, which will be good for me, since i can then run out to the beers store to stock up for the Lions win over EDM

For Lions fans you and your wife sure talk a lot about this Ticats - Bombers game. What are you afraid of?


its so cute that anybody thinks any team doesnt have any chance of winning. My wife says so.

I can tell you the Cat's are sure not afraid of the Bombers. Look anything is possible, I guess, but for the Bombers to beat the Cat's in this playoff game is laughable. The Bombers are going to have to shot up poor Bucks ankle, so much that he won't be able to feel is foot . Buck will be out of the game by the 3rd Q. Someone on here dared me to put my thoughts about the Bombers chances of winning this game on the main board, so here it is. Bombers will be done, like dinner come Sunday night

Someone's high on crap!

the Ti-Cats if they get by the Bombers will have their hands full with the Lions.

yet the Cats beat them twice but once was when they sucked and the other was bound to happen.

But the Cats aren't exactly super here.

they've got a lot of holes and they're inconsistent.

what's your "WIFE" gonna think if they come out on Sunday and stink the joint up? hmmm????

This comment is as ridiculous as the orignal post. :lol:

You realize the Tabbies have won exactly one game in a row right? You also recall their past two games were big L's against Sask and T.O. And lets not forget, that win against the Al's was not a convincing win. It was a close, hard-fought game right down to the wire... in OT none the less!

Hey Flutie fan, if the bombers do get by hamilton by somekind of miracle, do you think they can keep it within 100 points with whoever wins the West? Please tell me what your wife thinks. :lol:

Look, I'm a Ticat fan, but if anyone thinks the Cats are going to walk over the Bombers, they're delusional. I expect a pretty close fought game.

Shhhhh! Just because we know this as a fact doesn't mean we have to actually admit this online, we're supposed say that the Cats are going to role over the Bombers the same way Mac is crushing Acadia right now.... 8) just take that reasonableness there Cartman and park it somewhere else, this thread is strictly for outlandish opinions supported by wives...

Do you realize Hamilton was sitting a lot of starters in those two loss to Saskatchewan and Toronto don't you?

His wife?

I'm disappointed that we're only now hearing his wife's picks. Who'd she pick in the semis? :smiley:

Ridiculous is as ridiculous does!

If not for a couple blatantly missed holding calls, the TiCats wouldn't even be playing on Sunday.

Try to keep up evildoctor. :lol: day I will have my revenge on you....and your little dog too... :twisted:

You should congratulate your wife for finding at least one thing cute.