Its Sinopoli time

Ottawa should finish the season with Sinopoli at QB

Or trade him for picks … they don’t throw him the ball any more.

Bite your tongue there laddie. Hasn’t this team already bled enough of our good players? Our time will come again. This winter will be re-build time and hopefully, the brass in the OSEG have learned some lessons and will not repeat their blunders.

And for selfish reasons, I do not wish to see my expensive Sinopoli jersey become stale-dated.

Don’t pay enough attention to the Rouge et Noir’s offence … is BS triple covered every play or have they just forgotten him … or was he an Elizondo guy? PLUS, isn’t he a free agent come February?

I wish some hardcore observer of the RedBlacks this year could offer us some insight into the question of why Sinopoli isn’t being used.

But I don’t see how Brad Sinopoli could be worse at QB than either of the two the RedBlacks have been using so far this year.


I hope he stays put in Ottawa, I hate seeing so much player movement. He hasn’t practiced as a QB since 2012, so he probably would be worse as QB. Ottawa’s offensive coordinator and QBs don’t know how to scheme him, so it’s just a down year.

an all star receiver & a former MOC as a receiver.
He is about the only rec they returned. Replaced then with no one. Let a top QB go. No replacement
He can be a 1. 2. Or 3. Reciever.
But he cant be all three.

The writing was on the wall for Ottawa’s O when they brought in Joe Paopao. Whoever made that decision should be canned.

Ya. The late department of the OC. Really left them in a bind.
Time look at potential OCs that are currently Cfl position coaches.
Ryan Dinwiddie should be a hot Commodity.
Spent these last 4 season in Calgary as the QB coach.
A season in Montreal as Offensive Quality control coach.
Plus he played QB in the Cfl for 5 seasons from 2007 thru 2011.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, should have been considered before Paopao. I mean, it would have been smarter to have a Hollywood-movie-type situation where a dog calls the plays rather than him. Paopao was the Ticats’ OC back in '06 (I think?) & is in the conversation for worst OC ever.

Ya. It was really outa their control last year.
Since the OC bolted at the last second.
No team was allowing any coach to interview for OC, DC, or HC jobs for another team.
So all they could do was look for any former CFL OC that was was not employed. Still they culda found someone better than Joe Paopao

Yup it’s a puzzle why they seemingly ignore Sinopoli.

I agree about Ryan Dinwittie. I’d be all over him for an interview. But he should be hesitant to go there without doing is own due diligence on that team.

The other guy I’d really like to talk to is QB coach in Saskatchewan, Steve Walsh. An ex QB with great NCAA pedigree and a 10 year journeyman playing career bouncing around NFL. Seen a lot of coaches and QB’s and systems. And has done a great job with Fajardo.

Should be a few good FA QB available should they go that route. Arbuckle would be the top of my list if he reaches FA.

Yes Steve Walsh is another QB coach that would be atop my list of promotion to OC with a team that has a Defensive guy as HC.
The thing about Dinwittie is that Arbuckle will still be the #2 next yr behind BLM. Could influence Arbuckle to come to Ottawa with him.
Where in Sask Farjardo is now the number 1. And the Riders wont or cant let him go. They are going to have to pay him starting QB money.
Certainly not in the BLM & Reilly 700k range but 300K with incentives.
Cause if they lowball Farjardo. Jim Pop will jump all over him with the MLSE money train. In two years

They will not low ball him, of that I’m sure. Right now imo he is in top rung leaders for CFL MOP.

Ya know i really cant disagree with you about being MOP.
In a very refreshing way Farjardo was not rushed into a starting job as a rookie or second year guy.
Kinda old school way to develop QBs for a few years until its time to pull the trigger and give him a shot.
His 2015 rookie year he spent training camp with the Raiders then onto the Argos PR.
2016-17 he was a backup QB to Rickey Ray.
2018 signed as a FA with BC as a backup to Lulay.
2019 came outa TC with sask as Collaros’ Backup.
He developed for 4 pro seasons. & wen Collaros went down for the season after 3 plays in game one.
It didnt take long for him to show he indeed is a pro starting QB. & his payience as a backup. Has paid off