Its rather Printers or Lulay as starting QB next game.

Who do you think it will be? Printers thumb is sure getting better, and is not broken, so im thinking it is going to be him. And I sure hope it is him,

It would be cool to see kc go back to IWS and flash a little bling on the steelmonkies


LOL translation: it would be cool to see printers go back to hamilton next weekend and show them what he would be capable of by beating his old team. end translation :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, that is hillarious.... I did not have a clue what the guy was saying either!

Does it matter? Until the quarterbacks start getting protection the question is , who is next to get injured ?

thats why printers is the best option...he doesnt like sitting in the pocket anyways he is more comfortable throwing on the run

I think Printers is the better choice due to his experience.

Having said that, I'm quite comfortable with Lulay behind centre though. The guy has a knack for avoiding pressure too (not as good as Casey, but better than Buck and Zack). He also has a great arm - he can throw deep like Jackson but has much better touch (Jackson seems to put too much zip on the ball on short throws). Most of all, Lulay seems to be a really smart QB. Once he gets more playing time, and the game slows down for him, he'll be like a tougher version of Dickenson.

The ideal situation for Sunday is a healthy Casey to start, with a healthy Lulay to back him up in case anything goes wrong.

I say Roy Dewalt, but if he’s not available, then go with Printers.

Haha, it is hilarious, i did not get it either. but yeah, printers is our best iption

Good post MB. In all honesty I am skeptical about how well Printers' thumb injury is progressing. The story is that each time he throws during practice he has to ice it. You only ice it because of swelling. I read that there are 4 ligaments in the thumb area. Injury to 2 particular ligaments [can't remember which 2] takes between 4-6 weeks to heal. I guess the other 2 ligaments do not take as long to heal. Either that or Printers sustained a very painful injury but one that did not sustain a whole lot of damage. Who knows? But 8 days to heal is not much time at all. Thus the daily ice to keep the swelling down. This has been a most unfortunate injury. I'm sure Hamilton would like to beat our best but I'm sure the fans could care less.

I've confidence in Travis Lulay and I think he could get the job done if he can handle the crowd and the pressure. I saw a couple of the Lions being interviewed. You have to admire their tenacity and resolve to stick it to Hamilton.

If B.C. can pull this game off without Printers re-injuring his hand then who knows how far they'll go.

It won't matter who is at QB if we can't stop the run.

Sounds like Printers is the starter for Sunday.

I remember reading once from a medical journal from Winnipeg, an article about the efficacy of inserting your injured thumb in your butt in order to speed up the healing proccess. The science is that it keeps the tendons and ligaments warm. It just better not be our butts where he inserts it :lol:

Based on some of your "insertions" Tiger-Cat it sounds like that is pretty much the extent of your reading experiences. lol

By the way Tiger-Cat, the National Enquirer is NOT a medical journal!

Ok yeah Printers starts but how many others are still sick?