Its Prospect signing time !

Montreal, Apr. 13, 2010 - Montreal Alouettes' Vice President and General Manager Jim Popp announced today that import free safety Dave Casale, import linebacker Shomari Earls and import defensive back Travis Key have all signed for one year plus an option. Import defensive end Ian Campbell has also signed for two years plus an option.

Casale (6'02'', 220 lbs) played the last four seasons with the University at Albany Great Danes, finishing sixth in school history with 11 career interceptions. He played 11 games in 2009, recording 77 tackles, four tackles for a loss of 17 yards, one sack, two interceptions, six knockdowns, two fumble recoveries and three forced fumbles. He was named twice an All-Northeast Conference First-Team All-Star. He is 22.

Earls (6'02'', 255 lbs) played the 2008 season with the Indoor Football League's Odessa Roughnecks after leading the Florida Atlantic Owls' defence between 2002 and 2005. Named First-Team All-Sun Belt in 2005, he registered 217 career tackles, 20 tackles for a loss of 77 yards, six sacks and four interceptions. He is 25.

Key (5'10'', 185 lbs) played with the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings over the last two seasons. He played 40 college games with the Michigan State Spartans, totalling 113 tackles, five tackles for a loss, nine knockdowns and four forced fumbles. He was a three-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. He is 24.

Campbell (6'04'', 265 lbs) attended training camp with the St. Louis Rams in 2009 after four seasons on the Kansas State Wildcats' defence. He finished sixth in school history with 21 sacks and also recorded 38 tackles for a loss. He was named a Second-Team All-Big 12 selection in 2008. He is 24.

A bunch of young guys, good news. Always nice to have younger legs pushing the old guys in TC.

If this Key guy played corner, he might be a candidate for the wide-side corner position vacated by Sanchez.

Als also signed a great prospect at DT... just for you Discipline LOL!


No word on his height and weight, but judging from the profile pic, he looks like a horse. If he’s mobile enough to beat his blocks in the trenches, he could do some serious damage lining up beside big Eric Wilson.

six/four 295 :slight_smile:

That's right around Keron Williams's size, isn't it? A nice balance between upper-body strength and mobility. Glad (but not surprised) to see Popp bringing in quality talent to challenge for that DT spot.

So far in this off-season, 18 new players,including Cody Pickett-QB-and Gavin Walls- DE-have been signed; this consists of 16 rookies and 2 veterans and 15 imports and 3 non-imports. 13 of these 18 new players are on defense.

In terms of position we have added:1 QB,1 RB,1 WR,2 Ol,7 DL,3 LB and 3 DB/CB/S; we should expect fierce competition on the defense,particularly the defensive line; hence, 16 DL -10 I and 6 NI are listed as defensive linemen; furthermore, I expect that Shomari Earls, signed Tuesday and listed as a LB,-6.02 and 255- will compete as a DL. We also have 10 LB -8 I and 2 NI- and again, Dave Casale,signed Tuesday and listed as a S 6.02 and 220- will compete as a LB. At the end of training camp,there could be a few surprises, on the defensive side.

Before training camp,I still expect the signings of 1 or 2 Wr,1 RB and no less than 3 DB; these numbers exclude the players to be drafted on May 2,2010.


Good job as always Richard.

Three more players have been added: They are: DJ Boldin-Import WR,6'0,220- Eric Lee-Non-import RB,5'11,235- and Roosevelt Ross-Import RB,5'09,210-.

We still need a few DB; could Taurean Allen,CB from Wilfrid Laurier, be our first draft choice on May 2,2010? More and more I think so,unless BC or Winnipeg drafts him ahead of us. He could/will be a starting CB no later than in 2011.


Eric Lee was one of my favourite prospects from last year’s rookie crop. He needed work on his blocking skills if I remember right. Big fast kid with good hands.

If DJ Boldin is anything like his brother, we are in for a real treat.

You mean he'll be injured a lot and request a trade when he doesn't get the ball enough? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Seriously, though, if he were anything like Anquan, he'd be in the NFL. I'll be happy if DJ turns out to be a solid player on his own terms.

He did have ONE elite season in College. Talent is there, consistancy through hard work, he will have to decide...

Bingo, seen it before, media get all whoo ahhh over a name, in this case by one degree. We will see, he will compete more than likely for a backup spot.

Can someone explain to me why TSN reports every single prospect signing from every other team but the Als? The signing of Casale, Earls, Key, and Campbell went public on the Als' web site since April 13 but hasn't picked it up at all. Meanwhile, the top three stories on the frontpage involve BC, Hamilton, and Winnipeg signing unknown players to contracts.

When other teams sign players, we're treated to wankjob puff pieces about how awesome these players are, and what difference-makers they'll be for their CFL teams. When the Alouettes sign players, it doesn't even warrant a 100-word brief. It's especially baffling when you consider that Jim Popp is arguably the best GM in the league at finding talent under the radar and bringing that talent in to make a substantial impact. Case in points: our two halfbacks, Jerald Brown and Billie Parker, who came in from the Arena league last season without any fanfare but were good enough to allow us to cut loose Randee Drew and keep Stanford Samuels as a backup.

The anti-Als bias on TSN really bothers me. If Richard Veilleux didn't post on this forum, I'd have no clue as to what players the Als were signing.

You want to bet, it is as simple as the Als not sending them the press release to the web master?
somehow it would not surprise me, if not then what you said :lol: :lol:

its odd that RDS the French arm of TSN picks them up but not TSN... Maybe the press releases are issued in French only but somehow I doubt it LOL !

They use to do in both, i wonder if they send to the right contact at TSN.

It just galls me that as far as TSN is concerned, we don't exist unless we make a significant trade, but every training-camp mook another team signs is some diamond in the rough who's going to turn heads. Then he gets cut or underperforms and it's on to overhyping the next guy. Meanwhile, we don't even get a bare mention of player signings.

According to RDS, S.J. Green has been released by the Jets.

In an article-last week- Herb said that Green was injured.-hamstring-Probably why he was cut.
He should be in Als training camp.