It's preseason...for the Offical's too.

Listened to the game on CHML....

From what I heard....the Ref's were BRUTAL, at times.
Along with some of the " challenge " calls, coming back from Toronto. ( new this year )

I guess we can't stomp on the Ref's to hard yet. It's preseason for them too.

Did any of you folks that went to the game, see bad as it sounded on radio ?

If so...let's hope that improves big-time, before the regular season starts.


One ref, #70 was particularily brutal. Several Blue Team non calls and a few Black Team questionable calls. At one point another official # 65, was watching # 70 waiting for him to throw a flag as he was the closest official. # 65 finally threw a flag and was staring # 70 down.

Firstly, there were lots of mental mistakes by the players that deserved flags (numerous offsides by receivers, especially Chris Davis)

But yeah, there were a lot of borderline calls (interference, holding) where they could have just let them play, and other brutal no calls.

I was sitting right on the 35 (sec 25).....While the cats were offside on a number of kickoffs and got called for it, the Argos were offside on at least 3 of their kickoffs and were not called. Don't have a problem with being flagged (If a foul was committed), as long as the rule is applied equally - last night it didn't seem that way....And what about the non call where Stala got nailed after the whistle and WE got the only penalty on the play?


I already miss Jake. He was ALWAYS in off-season form. :slight_smile:

That roughing penalty on Stala was particularly perplexing to me. Couldn't believe it.

The Argos got points directly as a result of questionable calls. The Cats lost opportunities for points as a result of very questionable non-calls…so while I will not whine that we should have won if it were not for the officials…it sure was a very big factor. You are right and I agree, if you want the W you do what it takes and you overcome adversity…no disagreement there.

The consistancy of the calls was the worst part. The cats went offside at least 4 time I saw that were obvious calls that they let go. Argos big punt return play had two glaring and I mean glaring illegal blocks that allowed the returner to get to the corner…then we get a roughing and the argo player who nocks the kicker down gets nothing was just another example of incosistant officiating.

the iterference on Bauman on that deep ball and the crossing route were both brutal non calls especially after the two phantom interference calls on us…it was the consistancy more than anything that drives me nuts…call it …or don’t call it…but be consistant. It’s very hard for players to focus on their postion when the officiating isn’t consistant. When a player sees something not called on somebody else…and then called on them, especially if they are new to the league it can be very confusing and makes for very poor and sloppy football…and that’s what we got last night…and IMO the officials had a great deal of effect on the sloppyness of the play with the officiating.

So congrats on the win Birdman…it won’t take teams long to figure out all 3 offensive formations your team has come up with…but if you did not see how your team benefited from very questionable officiating than perhaps I gave you too much credit for knowing anything about football.

Glovesave, you said it all. Birdman, go pick on the garbage littering Hogtown.

Well said Glovesave...

The one thing that has driven me nuts...over the past many season's is the inconsistancy of the Ref's in the CFL. The one thing I would like to see in our league is the hiring of full time Offical' they have in the NFL. In the CFL, these Ref's are only paid as part-time employee's from June til November.
And the bottom line is that is very much " bush-league."
Let's step up to plate...and have the CFL pay-out the money to hire year round staff, that takes improved training in every off season, with full-time Offical's.
When that happens..( sooner than later, I hope ), what was seen last night at IWS, and what will no dought be seen in other upcoming games this year, with all the other teams, the " flag nights " will improve, in the inconsistancy dept.
Until then, this remains...a black-eye on the CFL and their fans.


i lost my voice yelling at the big tall goofy one (#47). #35 was brutal too.


In fact, as a sign of respect and my apology, I will no longer post on this forum.
My final words: GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Agree 47 was terrible.

I thought the two most brutal examples where when an Argo shoved Stala to the ground on the south sideline after a play, and an instance where they gave us a 15 yard no yards penalty, where the official threw the flag before the ball even reached the turf (it bounced before the Argo returner or anyone else touched it).

That one hit a Ticats player on the way down, so it was correct.

Ok. Watching the game live, I really thought it landed untouched, but if you're correct, I guess I owe the official who called it a virtual beer. :wink: