Its possible Argos hire O'Shea and Bombers promote LaPolic

Was told the Argos except for a last minute change of heart will let go Scott Milanovich. And that there is a possibility they will go hard after Marc Trestman, Jim Popp, or Mike O'Shea.

i can confirm that if O'Shea does not return LaPolice would be promoted to be head coach of the Blue Bombers.

If you think O'Shea wouldn't do this..... you do not know his track record and he has all his family home back in Toronto. He was seen at the Jets/Maple Leafs game with his family supporting the Maple Leafs so they love Toronto.

Will it happen?

Lets discuss.

Five threads started today (so far) - must be a new record for you. Any more coming? I heard Dave Dickenson got into an argument with his wife.

My sources are telling me that Dave Dickenson's wife is going to be named as the Bombers new Head coach :roll: :slight_smile:

I laughed :thup:

(You'd wonder though if the Double Blue would try something like this though...)

WTFF already. Give it up Morty Dork.

Abscess Media lost me with one of his earlier Boy Band, half time show posts.

being reported that Blue Bombers are preparing an extension for Walters first then O'Shea. We should know more in a couple of days.

Bobby Orr could play for the bruins again anything can happen. You throw so much crap out there it's not funny. I don't think you have been to grey cups or supper bowls cause if people ever found out it was you they would tie you up like a prettzle. I bet you single I bet you still live at home. Leave it to football fans not know it all fools.

IMO, AccessM is a pretty funny troll and I think we could all use a good laugh with whats happening in the world - dont worry, be happy :smiley:

That must be O'Shea's plan all along. Have Willy traded to Toronto and then take over the coaching duties with the QB who he benched.

Been told that O'Shea met with Wade Miller last night. I would expect announcement on both resignings together shortly.

Isnt Miller the President of the Bombers? What about Walters as GM, did he get to meet with Miller?

No word yet. But I have heard elsewhere that Walters and Miller have spoken about extension for the last month.

Slight correction - O'Shea didn't bench Willy on his own accord - he was instructed to by Reichstag leader Wadzilla. O'Shea decided his coaching traits would be extreme loyalty and stoicism. Wadzilla had to read him the riot act - probably involving some invectives and with a light threat of job loss.

Plan A for Bombers - re-up GM Kyle Walters for 2 or 3 more years with a reasonable pay bump.... re-up O'Shea for 2 years, possibly 3 with a minor pay bump, extras for making playoffs, more for winning playoff games and Grey Cup.

Plan B - if O'Shea somehow goes goofy and thinks he's better than the bombers (ie. declining the offer cuz it doesn't have enough years on it and/or it doesn't make him one of the Top 4 highest paid coaches then he'll be given a release and can sign with Toronto or anyone else for that matter. That would enable Walters and Miller to activate head coaching duties to Paul LaPolice. I suspect Plop would gladly take the job and the increased salary becoming it.

Main problem would be finding a quality OC at the same level of Lapolice - although it could be said Lapolice meeks out in the big games; same problem Lapo had before - he's not big on team discipline and tends to let the room run rampant. Richie Hall as his DC wouldn't help but he might have Hall forced on him cuz the bomber braintrust can't find anyone else!

I'd say its 75% certain bombers stay with same management and coaching structure as 2016 (minor changes). O'Shea coaching a dumpster fire like Drew Willy has firing written all over it. Although he could easily be 2-5 out of the gate in Winnipeg - and that would certainly put him in heavy danger!

If you think O'Shea wouldn't do this..... you do not know his track record and he has all his family home back in Toronto.
To put it bluntly, I don't believe a word you say:
“What I know is I still love coming to work every single day and I love these guys,? O’Shea said. “I like what we’ve started. Yeah, Winnipeg’s home. I moved my entire family here.?
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