It's Pinkslip Monday ?$

According to wikipedia, and the Montreal site, Simmons is currently playing for the Als…

  1. Brian Simmons was traded to Montreal for DB Ethan Davis, who is on our practice roster :-[

    Simmons is a starter for the Al's on their OL !! :slight_smile:

That’s right STARTER is the word another castoff who is gone on to improve and help another team ! Why all these ex players doing so well ?!

  1. cats99, to get you even more upset, another former Ticat O Lineman has signed with Montreal !! :o

    Big Jeremy Lewis, who was released by the Cats before training camp this season !! :-[
    He was a free agent until Montreal grabbed him 2 weeks ago !!

Oh …now you went and done it, Tipper!!!


Reinbold should be gone from the DC job. His defence is terrible and Stubler should be brought in today. Move him back to Special teams.

Re: Rienbold nice guy doesn't mean good coach.

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