It's Pinkslip Monday ?$

Who will get the axe today there has to be some major changes this week after the a$$ kicking 60:1 get the axe out! :cowboy:

Nothing pink until they have a plan B :cry:

Buddy accountability us season seat holders are Caretakers bread and butter and we pay the bills we want and demand changes after the second worse loss in franchise history sharpen that axe And get er done and move on!

CFL News? @CFL_News 11h11 hours ago
“As is obvious what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working. We R working on improvements. Some immediate, some longer term” @CaretakerBob #CFL

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You think Bob wants his stock the value of his franchise to go down?!$

Argo stock is looking way up!

Not going to happen while the team is on an away road trip. Now, if they put up another stinker against the Esks...yes, there may be pink slips waiting when they return to Hamilton.

What a 60:1 ass kicking and nothing is changing this week?!thats a slap in the face to every fan!

Maybe, but I can see why.

How do you prepare a team on the road for this week’s game if you change the staff? Can’t be done.

If I were Austin, I’d be nervous on getting home or before a bye week, but I think our other one is late in the season.

The real question is, how do you prepare the team Period?

Too late for coaching changes, just suck it up and deal with it. If there is a change now chances are very strong nothing will change. The off season is better to look at players, coaching the whole gambit. I am not ready to write off Collaros or any of our other good players because if you REALLY watch the games you can see there is something wrong even with Lawrence. Confidence and morale has been down the whole season. Why Austin let all those good players goes a lot deeper than him only. His money strings may have been pulled by the sphincters above him. All will eventually come out in the wash. I expect another loss this week but if we are lucky and the boys get PO'd by the bad publicity it will be a lot closer game.

Give it a rest already. I’m so sick of this holier than thou attitude fans have, and how the team should be bowing to us at all times and doing whatever makes us happy rather than whats good for the football team. Your ticket gets you in the door to watch the game. It doesn’t give you a say in personnel decisions or how the team is run.

coupe: It’s NEVER too late for coaching changes! We have lost too many good players. Lost too many games since the 2016 season. Lost a great OC. And we lost 60-1 Friday night. This team has run out of gas, ideas, and good will from the fans.
This team is beyond turning around unless major player and coaching changes are made. A temporary HC will buy us many months to look for another HC. What’s to lose? :wink:

:thup: :thup: :thup:

And bringing in an interim coach during the season is going to fix what??

Panic is never a solution for anything.

An OC who picks up and runs away from the team, fans and the owner.

Not someone I would call great!!??

There should be NO pink slips...the first sign of trouble everyone is like "TRUMP"'re fired....just not the answer!

Listen I’m sorry I had to do this DogsFan, but I reported this post to the mods… there’s no place for that sort of rational thought on here.

Seriously, one crazy bad game and everyone loses their minds?

Ptaszek Bye Bye door will hit you in the ass on the way out ???

Really…for most of the night the oline was horrible. How do you blame the OC?

Those Morons should have never let go Brian Simmons BIG a man BIG mistake ??

Then please explain why the eight other teams have passed on him as well.