It's Over. Ticats R Done.


According to Dan Ralph in The Star today, there were no more than 3000 fans at the game yesterday.

I would hazard a guess that even the Argos would have matched that attendance under similar circumstances at BMO.

According to me who was there....there was definitely more than 3000 fans there.

So don’t go, and don’t pay if you don’t like the product. Your choice, and perhaps it will make you the wiser. Yet you keep watching the games and keep posting, only to complain. I find that somewhat odd, as I enjoy the games, and am happy to pay to attend. I watch and I post to support the team, my money, my choice.

Attaboy Palmer put him in his place. Why can't Ticat fans just be supportive?

Failure to have the right people in the right place. Scott Mitchell shelf time has expired. Time to get some new blood in the fold that get this franchise on a consistent winning streak. Tillman has not brought in the necessary talent to make the team a sucess. As much as I really like June Jones as a person, I believe the game has passed him by. I like Glanville as well, unfortunately there is not enough talent or scheme to have a great defence. We sat through the game last night and they are uninspired bunch that never make adjustments. The fake short yardage play is nothing more than a high school play that I have used in my call sheet. If the Tiger Cats were playing possum and know they can defeat a west team crossover is a crock. At this point in time I am an angry season ticket holder who will not renew. I am going to spend my money on trips to Michigan and NFL games. Nothing has really changed since 1999. A few trips to the Grey Cup and nothing but poor trades , lousy player recruitment and some serious mistakes made by upper management (Art Briles) Later…

Will you promise to leave this site too?

Not a chance. If you people are willing to drink the cool aid and accept this garbage well all the power to you. Freedom of speech.

Don’t believe me?

Indeed. Now at the half when we left I would say there were 10k. It wasn’t a day fit for a duck.

That would have been my guess ... 10-13k.

Hey, I’d like to know too. You know that on this site we ask each other for proof of truth claims. Opinion is opinion but you made a very specific claim that would be of great interest to many of us.

Oct 1972 on a night similar to yesterday over 33000 jammed IWS to see the Cats take on Winnipeg. The difference, in 72 the team was enroute to an 11-3 record. No stadium bars just great football.

The Eskimos also averaged well over 40k in the early 80s. It's a different time.

  1. I know one thing for sure, the TiCats love you and worship the ground you walk on :smiley: :smiley: :wink: lol
  1. Supportive of what JohnnyFootball ?? A losing football team ?? :-[

Top-Cat, you are right as usual !! ;D ;D

What do you mean a losing football team? When we beat Montreal next week we will be 9 and 9 I don't call that a losing record. 8)

It's a fact that revenue is down everywhere in the organization. They've been papering the joint for a couple of seasons now. You really don't know this?

Nothing is over Til it’s over and some of the most underrated and injury prone teams in football have demonstrated this when playing in the big game and this team is no different.

The playoffs start an entirely new season in the CFL, what teams did in the regular season are over and everything will come down to one game at a time, a good team will find a way to win no matter the obstacles or challenges ahead!

Get Pumped Up, get motivated, get hungry, grind it out and play as team and win as a team!