It's Over. Ticats R Done.

No heart. No discipline. No urgency. No interest. No cigar. Not exactly the recipe for success. Lay two eggs against Ottawa, but sweet talk the fans into believing they’re taking them seriously. Credibility problem too. Alot of talk but no action. Right now, nobody looks like they want to be here. Disheveled and disinterested lot. The penalties are making me crazy now. They’re all stupid penalties that destroy hard won momentum. This organization is all talk no action. How many years have we been suffereing through bad penalties and it NEVER stops. Club needs to send a bold message and quit pussyfooting around because fans have had it up to here with watching the same old boring crap penalty fests. At the end of the day it comes down to character. Mirror’s right here boys.

Well said. Lets add the bait and switch with JF. No cheerleaders.

Marketing can break out all the bells and whistles but fans are starting to vote with their wallets. Just win.

I really do see an interest drain in the fans. It was a struggle to sell tickets this year and now if they lose the next two they’re in big trouble!

It was a struggle to sell tickets?

I’ve already renewed. Best game in town, despite our woes and worries.

Katmandu, step away from the ledge, we still have 4 more games to play! :wink:

So when you say 4 more games Grover I’m guessing you’re going out on the ledge and are including next season’s 2 preseason games with the 2 games left to play this year before the start of the 2019 season begins ? ???

Good job on the meme, Grover. My only complaint with it is the ledge is too low.

Nope, those 2 pre season games will be canceled due to the upcoming players strike! :frowning:

Now that I can tell you, will not happen.

Too many Americans that wont want to miss time. The Canadians will want to strike, Americans will not. Deal will get done. As usual it will favour the owners/league, but will get done.

So, you think the PA will fold before the 1st pre season game?
CBA expires May 15th, 1st pre season game is 2 weeks later.

It had better be one heck of a opening contract offer put forward by the League for the PA to accept and ratify.

Hopefully, they are already negotiating

Poor caretaker it’s turning out to be a 10plus year plan, Orlondo rebuild 2019 , next year it will be 20 years with no Cup . We haven’t even hosted a Grey Cup since 96 our fans and this city get “no respect “

Both sides know they can’t have a strike or lockout.

US players on 1+1 deals making the league minimum don’t care about the extras, they want to get out of here to get back to the US. They don’t care about 200k on the salary cap or 8k on the league minimum. They will vote for whatever they have to so they can play football and get film. They outnumber the ones that do care.

You’ll see.

He does not get a pass. Its on him.

How so? Failure to spend? Failure to provide resources to players?

Apathy is starting to permeate the fanbase. The CFL has abused the ticats and their fans in favor of propping up the toronto and ottawa’s because they knew we were resilient enough to take it.

96’ and 99’ and a whole whack of .500 or under teams. I think the leauge has gone to the well one to many teams with us and they’ll now have to focus their efforts on rebuilding the Hamilton fanbase.

That means borderline penalties will now be called aganist our opponents instead of us and we’ll host several Grey Cups. Heck, maybe they’ll even fix one so we win.

Yes they took a bath on special promo stuff this year and really got clobbered on the special seating stuff. Seasons are down too.

What’s your source?

Yes it's starting to become apathetic here. The fans step up for the players but the players don't step up for the fans. They don't come ready for Prime Time. It really appears like these guys don't care. They never show up against Ottawa and even when they do they find a way to lose. The penalties, the selfish play and believe me, this team is very selfish. It's all me me me on this team. Ill timed killer penalties because a guy can't control his urge to get one up on his opponent regardless of the situation and circumstances. I've never seen a more selfish bunch of guys, really. They don't have each other's back. This surrounded by apathetic compete level and general player disinterest, is not something that is going to endear good fanfare.

Football careers are too short for the players’ union to play hardball. It’s against the self-interest of vets to take a stand that will mostly benefit future generation of players.