It's only Week 1

Hi all,

Been away for most of the off season but checked in once in a while. Nice being back for 2006 CFL season

I tried to read as many posts as I could to catch up on the action and from what I could gather, the same topics are already being beaten to death, refs suck, power rankings suck, Riders QB sucks, TO is so great and so on, and it's only week 1.

It's only week 1 so let's not panic and have some fun.

panicking after week 1 is half the fun on here.

Can't wait for the madness after week 2. :lol:

You mean the abrupt thud that signifies the mass-exodus off the Riders badnwagon after they get shellaced again by the Lions? :lol:

exzacly!!! (and laugh at that word too, cuz I can't spell it to save myself) :lol:

I keep telling you, if you begin typing as irratically as you might drive when you're off your face (huge stretch there, I know) its time to lay off the Blue.