It's only April :(

O man I am still shacking off that side of me lol, I started both ways (O Left Tackle and a D Nose Tackle) in the High School season and i won a championship as starter (a nother one as a 2nd string player) and I played at IWS as a D-lineman in OFSAA two years ago.

I have left that side of the ball for good now as I am playing left tackle for Brampton rep team this summer and gonna be on the Oline at Mac

but damn I didnt get that one lol but I did beat up some D-linemen yesterday (and a few linebackers to :lol: )

I archive all the good games from the past on my computer and watch them when I need a fix in the offseason.

that is definately a great idea....only if it wasnt ILLEGAL!!!

What is illegal about it??? Its not illegal at all to record and keep games from TV. I have a TV tuner on my computer which allows me to use my hard drive as a VCR and I get the video feed from the cable TV that I legally subscribe to. With your logic anyone that ever records a TV show is a criminal.

You really have no clue and should not be basically calling me a criminal when you don't even know what you're talking about.

Can't wait... I'm so hyped I can hardly control myself... I find myself bringing up THE TIGER CATS every day... Check the site every day etc... GO CATS GO...

Can't wait for the mandatory pint or two of Smithwick's at The Rebel's Rock, followed by the noise and spirit of my fellow fans in Box J. Love to hear the first resounding smack as we lay out an Argo or a Bomber. The sound of "We Won!" wouldn't hurt, either.

To have a TiCat player as a hero again. O for those days. :frowning: