It's only 1 game.......don't worry

Hate saying this, but.......

Can't win them all, and, despite not looking GREAT, the Cats have a solid team......Hamilton was my pre-season pick to at least make it to the Grey Cup, and I'm sticking with it......good things ahead for the Cats.

I agree, although i'm upset we lost i'm not at all ready to give up on this squad as a grey cup favorite.Tell the Argo's to manhandle the Bombers on Friday :cowboy:

Thankfully this brutal heat wave is expected to end on Friday.......... :rockin:

Could you imagine what it would have been like in the stands like for a 1 pm start this heat ?

Go Cats !


rflmao :wink:

Can you imagine what it is like on the field in equipment?

Can you imagine if the game was being played on the mountain, where you're that much closer to the sun?

I know you're only joking, but this reminds me of something that happened to me a while ago.

I was living in Ancaster, near Southcote and Garner (Garner's Corners, near Faloney's restaurant), and taking a course at McMaster. One morning I went to leave for class and my car was covered in snow. When I got down to Mac, though, almost everyone else's car was clear. It had snowed on the top of the escarpment, but not below.

Extrapolating from this one experience, I predict that an East Mountain site will be a cooler location for games than Ivor Wynne.

Cheaper on Gas for the Warplane Heritage flyovers also :wink:

GO CATS GO!! :rockin: There be 1-1 after this weekend, coach's have really worked them hard this week, and now they know, there beatable, so thats out of the way! The 13th man will be with us also! So lets all get out there and try to sell the home opener out! Dont forget the sunblock, still going to be 28 degress and sunny! :rockin:

Forget the stand the Field would 100 F +