It's official...

Tiger-Cats RB Josh Ranek was unaminously coosen as the CFL Offensive Player of the Week.

I know that there has been at least one thread speculating about this, but I thought that the announcement deserves a thread of it’s own.

Congrats to him. He more than deserved it. Hopefully he'll have a repeat performance this Saturday

And this should also be shared with the o-line that played awesome.

It was a great performance, I liked the way he caught the pass over the middle and took a shoulder hit from one of the best in the league in Simpson and left him and a few DB's lying in thier tracks on the way to the endzone. That play showed me that Josh was back from his injury and ready to punish again.

Very well deserving of offensive player of the week IMO.

When I logged onto my personal email and saw the subject, "Breaking News: Ranek ..." I wondered how McMahon got my address.

It's good to see the TiCats proud of a great performance.

:lol: :lol: That was classic...I needed a chuckle today.

A great individual performance to say the least...well done indeed.

Congrats to the entire team for (finally) playing up to their capabilities.

Looking forward to seeing this (renewed) effort/desire for the remainder of the season and especially against the Argos!

Was there any doubt?


but not because of his play.

Very much deserved.. Congrats to him.