its official

The crossover rule is in effect in 2006!

I sent an email to CFL football operations asking if it was in effect and they confirmed that it was.

Shhh...don't discourage the Winnipeg and Hamilton fans so early...we should wait until October to tell them.

It never ceases to amaze me how much ro1313 can do...

...through e-mail.

I bet it helps that ihis emails are most likely spelled correctly.

good news! and it mush have been tough for Ro to hear that, but for his sake, I hope there isn't a CO this season, bah bah bah

I love email! There is no way I would ever grab a piece of paper write the letter, try to find an address, address the envelope, turn the place upside down looking for a stamp and remember to take it with me and actually mail it!

I totally agree.... I don't know how people could've done all that stuff before.... probably cause they had to I guess, but it takes me approximately a week from the time I mean to canada post something to the time I actually put in in the box. In fact, I think our wedding invitations were the only thing I've ever put in the mailbox the same day they got addressed etc.... and that's only cause I wasn't solely responsible for completing that task. :slight_smile: