Perhaps it’s time to bring down all the metal, mobile temporary seating that’s sitting up at the the City Yard on Rymal Road…collecting dust

Maybe Freddy can help haul it down.

He does know it’s there … right?

Yeah … he’s the Mayor.

He’s gotta know! … (doesn’t he?)

I was just on ticket master and tried to buy one ticket and there was one available at 100 bucks....sold out?

Only singles are available.

I thought we’d hear about this sometime today, not long after it was announced that less than 1,000 tickets were available for that game.

It was also good to hear about the contribution our linebackers made to that, even though they did not have to do that:

I understand Floyd and Glenn did something similar last year. Since they are both from the area of Detroit, they must have an idea what those people are going through.

Anybody hear about the pre-game stuff? Parachustists,flyovers?

[b]A CF-18 Hornet will fly over the field before kickoff.[/b] At halftime, a fan will have a chance to kick a field goal to win a new Nissan Altima in the ‘Kick For A Car’ contest presented by Mainway Hunter Insurance.
[url=] ... ay-classic[/url]

So yes, there will be a flyover.

Thanks, BYF!

Hopefully we can somehow sell-out the two remaining games against montreal because those ones are HUGE if we want 1st place.