The CFL refs and video replay are complete failures.
Stegall dropped that ball and video replay showed it beyond a doulbt.


All right...who called Friday night for the first ref thread?? I know Sporty picked Sunday, so he's out...

...the video replay that showed it being 'through the hands' was not available to the refs....please, no whining....

It was clear without the enhanced video.
My video is uploading

How do you know it wasn't available. Are you simple RW. You mean to say that all of western Canada and the play by play broadcasters all have access to that angle except the officials! Are they restricted to only one view.

What a ridiculous comment. Yea, hey Mr.official sorry, we're going to give you 2 minutes to review a play but you don't get to see what the rest of the country is allowed to see.

Ok dare RW

i thought this was a thread saying the home playoff date for the Riders was official... my mistake

Well that too, congrats.

I was going to come on here and say the refs had a good game till that happened. I didnt see it in live action... bathroom break. Was it obvious live play?

Because the announcers said it was not available

**Hijacking attempt one...

I've waited 19 years for this night...

...holy insults old timer, are you actually ready to tie one on with me?!?!...TSN enhanced that view, did your hearing aid not pick that one up?...., that being said, I was out draining when Glen and Chris were scrolling though their replays, if ro can find it maybe I'll jump on your bandwagon, until then no thanks....

I will have the video in about 10 minutes

Thats a nice way of saying the refs are retarded!! of course they have that angle, geez man it was the only angle.

So the announcers are in on the conspiracy as well?

mourn for stamp fans - grabs for the bubbly to start toasting a home game for the riders :slight_smile:

I wish I knew how that worked. They showed the view from several angles and it was inclusive. After the ruled the touchdown, they show an able that there was no doubt. 85 dropped the ball. Body language from 85 after the call would appear he knew he got away with one. Stegall was pretty quick to change jersey's. I gues it is going to be sold as a game worn jersey with a TD. This one should have an asterisk beside it.

Read between the lines man, the announcers were being politically correct and not insulting the ref for a obvious bad call.

The refs have access to any and all angles required. They only needed the straight on angle anyways. The Stamps lost big deal.

This is about shitty reffing time and time again no matter who’s playing.

re above, able should read angle.

So why would they show the enhanced video in the first place? obviously expose the conspiracy ro, c'mon!!!!....