Its Official

We are the door mats of the west and possibly the league. Tell me how this team could go from 5 - 6 last season under Daley with Glenn at qb, to this inept bunch who is 0 - 5 in 2005. We were two games out of a playoff spot last season. What the hell is with the offense, when are they going to score a TD.

An improvement BUT no nearly enough. When John Ryan is the BB player of the game. We got trouble. The Defence didn't allow a TD but ,man, they have players in their hands for only 2 yards gains and they still fall for 7 or 8 yd gains. Eskies next week and Als the following......looks bad Leroy.

MARTIN OUT. We suck. No wonder why not start Michna. Go to Wynn if possible after that... Glenn. Give everyone a chance to start.

Don't forget to look at all the new faces the Bombers have, I think against the Riders they had something like 12-18 Rookies if i heard right. Or it could have been new faces.

They could take years to gell together and I think they should use the Riders secondary as glimps of hope. They were horible for 2 solid seasons but Sask kept em together and now they're amoung the best in the league.

But I said it before on here and I'll say it agin Wynn has to get a shot at being number 1 for a few games, because the O line is not solid right now and he can run, that would help more then it would hurt.

Our BB OLine is worst in the league. That is why we are the doormats of the league.

Improved? the BB's ofence is playing like a fram team vs. a pro! the proff is that they have only scored 1 or 2 TDs in 3 GAMES!!!

Improved my ass!

THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL....last place is definitely the position we will be in this year.......nothings happening on offense.....defense keeps us in the game but gives it up when it counts.....kicking game was great....Westwood redeeming himself after blowing the first field goal was encouraging....Ryan kicking the hell out of the ball was the stand-out plays of the game......the Bombers just can't get it done...allowing a blocked kick after the first game debacle was crap....what have they learned....I don't know who makes the decisions on who chooses ends or kicks-off first but if it was Daley's call he blew don't give the ball to the opposition to start the game especially with the wind in the Peg......Bud Grant used to say you take the wind right away if you can because it can change in a hurry....they needed a good start to last nights game and it turned out just the opposite.....another thing before I go for my brown-bag head gear I have for the next game ....what the hell were those calls against the Bombers for referee interference and noise-level interference....what a bogus bunch of B.S.....the ref. who made those calls should be are entitled to make bloody noise at your own stadium...what the hell is the point of going otherwise....and the call for ref. interference was so far out to lunch....the player at the bench was looking down field and never stepped on the field of play according to SUITOR...yet the Bombers get penalized....demoralizing little things a team trying to scrape it together dosen;t need.....anyway I'm off to paint a frown on my paperbag that I will be wearing for the next's gonna be a long year...over and out.

Is that what the noise call was? for crying out loud ( insert your favourite 4 letter word).

Like I said on a CFL post, the refs are making this league look bush.....and before anyone says it, yes, it wouldn't be an issue if it was the other team getting flagged, but Winnipeg does seem to get more than its fair share of booogus calls.

I agree that those calls are lamo, but you'd think they'd learn not to press their buttons. Anyone remember when the Bombers got called for noise-level interference last year in the game against Hamilton where Stokes was clotheslined? I'm gonna sound like a miserable old miser here, but I noticed at the Edmonton game that the music was pretty loud in the stadium while they were in the huddle. Somebody from the Bomber organization desperately needs to smack that half-witted stoner they have in charge of the music obside the head. Honestly though, I'm pretty sure that our franchise went down in history as the only professional sports team in North America to be penalized for playing music too loud over the PA.

BC would put up one hell of a fight for the worst O-line title... 11 sacks given up in 2 games as opposed to your teams 11 sacks in 3 games... thats a close one.

And i've said it before in another thread... and i'll say it again here... starting Wynn will give you your best shot at a win... at least in my opinion. He is used to having a pass rush on him right away... the Lions had one of the worst O-lines last year too... and he's got a cannon of an arm.

It is still too early to be jumping all over your team. Many teams start slow and build towards September. I believe becasue there were changes made on the team it will take time to get better. Worry when it is September and your team gets blown away. The Bombers remind me of the Stamps last year really. But that does not say this team can not get better. T Martin is the guy that can do it for this team, your oline did get better this week, receivers is a question mark maybe it is time to find someone who can catch. Mcgarity and Peterson were one of the reasons the Stamps offense failed. Those two suck. But Bomber fans do not give up yet I still think a team in green will be lower then the Bombers and the Stamps.

Take Care

Lets us not forget who the bombers have played so far this season, Edm, Sask and Cal, all three teams with very good dlines and linebackers. Any oline would look pretty ordinary against these guys as ours has. It just gets worse for the bombers having to play their next two games against the Esks and Als, so at least we get a bunch of tough games out of the way early.

I really dont think the oline is as bad as we all think after watching the BC - Ott game or the Mtl - Edm. What is bad is the way the bombers dont make adjustments in their play calling, did you notice how Ray and Dickenson immediately went to the quick passes in those games to counter the pass rush and how successful it was. This is just another example of Daleys philosphy, he admitted before the Sask game that he was more concerned about getting his players to learn the system then actually preparing for the Riders. I think Daley needs to realize that it is not the end of the world if your running back only gets 20 or 30 yards a game if you can rack up 300 yards in passing. If your only attempting 20 to 25 passes a game its no wonder your only putting up 100 yards passing offense. The bombers ran a play several times last season with Roberts coming out of the back field as a receiver which worked very well, yet I havnt seen this play once this year and were the hell is the hitch pass to Stokes or McGarity. Come on Daley, this is the CFL, you gotta put the ball up twice as many times as you try to run it, fix the passing game first and the run game will take care of itself.