Its Official

Damon Allen is the career record setting passer.

Set in stone,22 years, quite an athlete! Congratulations to Damon Allen It DOES NOT MATTER what legaue it happens in.....A record is a record!

I defy ANY nfl QB to break this record!!

Congrates to DA
Maybe now he will retire! :wink:

you know what, i joke about the cfl alot, but i gotta admit put this man in the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio.

Congrats to Damon Allen & his family.Standing alone at the top!All in the CFL!

Good lord the earth will open up!! We agree on something! The nfl cut their own throat by naming it the "Pro. Football Hall of Fame". So it makes sense to many people that he should be inducted. (probably along with many other Canadians at other positions) but that's a discussion for another day.

yes complete Congrats to Damon Allen I remember making the trek with my dad as a youngin to BC place to watch him get that Cup for the EE back in the day and it's one of my fondest CFL memories...and Hamilton you showed complete class standing and cheering for it, your a true CFL loving town!

I agree if not then just maybe they should change the name to the NFL Hall of Fame!
After all the NFL is the farm teams for the CFL! :lol: We get most of our players from the NFL! Where as few CFLers make the NFL! :lol:

All CFL fans are proud of Damon Allen!

Way to go Allen!!! Hopefully he gets the respect he deserves and gets inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame in Ohio!

also damon allen is one of the top rushers in pro football histroy, which is AMAZING. I can't believe this guy is only 500 yards away from my idol Jim Brown.

I defy ANY nfl QB to break this record!!
the next QB that plays 22 * 18 game seasons will do it.

peyton manning can break the record, he never gets hurt, he doesnt have edgerin james anymore , so he will be passing like crazy and he puts up amazing numbers, also look out for daunte culpepper, now that he has nick saban look for him to break records.

Yes there is that possiblity!

There shouldn't be comparison between the CFL and the NFL like this ... they are two different leagues, you can't compare the two with each other. But it is still true that Damon has thrown for more yards than anyone else who's ever been paid to play football. (I think Passaglia also holds the pro football points record.) But you can't compare the two leagues with each other ... they're two different leagues.

True but then the Pro Football Hall of Fame might want to do a name change.
The last time I looked the CFL is pro football is it not! Just maybe they do not want him in there because he is a guy shunned by the NFL!

his brother is in there, his good friend warren moon is in there, i think as long as you have connections you have a chance to get in.

Seems to me it should be based on accomplishments rather than connections!

byron parker scored again.

He is third in all time CFL rushing and would be 15th in the NFL , and that is just for running the ball. :thup: