It's Official, we have the Home Playoff Game

As you probably all know, with the Argos loss to Montreal, we now will be officially be hosting the East Semi. Now lets get it sold out by next week so we can make the team some money and leave no doubt for the Caretaker to buy the game.

Good thing Montreal won a odd play cause getting killed by Calgary
Rest the Starters next week and get ready for Argoooooooooooos in Jungle

I already have my tickets.

Ditto.I bought mine a week or two ago :lol:

Are the Cats buying the game from the league or will they leave the league to run the game like last year?

Got my tickets Saturday, I thought they would be more expensive but only $5 more than regular season.

Ticket sales for the East semi-final on Nov. 21 are already north of 10,000 - and tickets have only been on sale for 36 hours. Thet team has reportedly purchased the game and stand to make a little bit of money if it sells out.
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I wonder if they would consider removing the tents and putting some temporary seating in the endzone so we could get a little closer to the mid 30,000's.

I hope they're not really selling tickets for the game on the 21st, because it's on the 14th. 8)

There's going to be alot of disappointed fans who show up at IWS on the 21st that's all I can say :lol: