It's Official! Toronto-Bills Series extends another 5 years

A press conference will be held today to announce the extension of the Toronto-Bills Series for another 5 year term.
The Bills players must be overjoyed about this. :roll:

[b]NEW ORLEANS - The Bills in Toronto series has indeed been extended for five more years.

the Buffalo Bills and Rogers Media are expected to announce on Tuesday that the NFL team will continue to play one regular-season home game per year in Toronto for the next five seasons, and one exhibition game only in that span.

The news is expected to be announced Tuesday at a midday news conference in Toronto. New Bills head coach Doug Marrone is expected to attend.[/b]

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To save face, I guess Rogers had to and of course they can use their funds from people's cable, wireless etc. revenue to pay for things like this that are certain to keep them looking "with it" with the young professionals moving into downtown Toronto that need to feel chic with "big time" Americanisms. :wink:

All the best to this to keep the Bills in Buffalo and help fund a new stadium there down the road and keep the Wilson family well heeled, with Canadian dollars. 8)


Wonder if Rogers fleet of bookkeepers are sweating tonight!

This will also go well on April fools day.
Old man Rogers and now his corporation is no better in making stupid business sports related decision.
The Blue Jays continue to be the biggest losers now approaching $300 million.

Watched Pelly's announcement - WOW what a load of --------- misinformation .

And to think Pelley was once our President, what a turncoat.

He’s simply a yes man and being paid a lot of money to be that. He does what he is told by higher ups. You have to remember though that this is just a small part of the larger battle between Bell and Rogers for market share and dominance. Lots of games being played here.

This is an interesting article on the Rogers-Bell situation and to do with sports as well, and I happen to be one of the 41,000 cable subscribers of Mountain Cablevision here in Hamilton that went to Shaw and now is going to Rogers, and I'm not happy about that of course as a CFL fan. Read the entire article though if you have time. Maybe if Rogers buys the naming rights to the new Hamilton stadium for some decent money, I'll be placated, albeit I don't think Rogers probably cares one way or another what I think:

Rogers CEO’s slow deals game could pay off

[i]Who says Nadir Mohamed, the cerebral chief executive of Rogers Communications Inc., isn’t wired to make deals?

Since taking the corner office at Rogers four years ago, critics have griped that the low-key CEO lacked spine, costing Rogers a chance to snare prime properties, such as the highly-coveted specialty channels owned by Canwest Communications Inc. Some even sniped that rather than pull the trigger on the $1.32-billion deal for an ownership stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. on his own, Mr. Mohamed lost nerve and opted to team up with rival BCE Inc.

On Monday, however, Mr. Mohamed reclaimed a tiny asset that had slipped through his hands in 2009 — and infuriated the controlling Rogers family — but that will have much larger impact on Rogers in the future.

Rogers acquired Mountain Cablevision Ltd., a family-operated full service high-speed Internet, telephone and cable provider with about 41,000 subscribers based in Hamilton, Ont. for $400-million on Monday as part of a transaction that also secured all-important unused airwave spectrum in Western Canada.[/i]...

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Earl, it's time to go satellite with Bell.
At least they are the least of two evils.
Long time ago I divested myself of anything Rogers.
Unfortunately as a season ticket holder, I have no other option but to watch the Argos at the crap dome.

Yes, will have to think about it ArgoT. But I'm interested to see what happens here in Hamilton, as I say Rogers putting good money for naming rights to the new stadium will be something I'll have to pay attention to.

Or at least give me as part of the basic cable package TSN2 in HD. Right now with Shaw, no sports package, I get Sportsnet and Sportsnet1 (or Ontario whatever it's called) in HD along with TSN, but not TSN2. That bugs me.

Same thing here.
Exactly the reason why the monopoly known as the CRTC, has to be disbanded so that the customer finally gets a break and frankly can buy per channel use not what is mandated by this archaic and useless government agency.

Good point, obviously the CRTC doesn't seem to have much control over these companies that can set their own deals like this. So they probably aren't needed then if they can't control this stuff in the first place, waste of money.

This is off colour for me , but I am now at the belief that there are powers to be, that are working to discredit the CFL - mostly the TORONTO ARGOS in that cities area - look at the stadium situation(problem) the constant negative badgering of the media with the league(problem)Rogers and their employees laying on the B.S. of the greatness of the NFL(problem)

If the kids hear enough bad things about a product - even if it is not true - they won't use it

God Bless David Bralely , I hope you hang in there bud.

p.s - I watched to much Sportsnet when Keith Pelley was spewing.

I put this on the Ticats forum site in regards to a related thread:

I'm with Rogers on this, they don't want the CFL to be played in their stadium and the sooner the Argos and Ticats or whatever else CFL get the message and move onto to something else, the better off things will be IMHO.

Even some of these "cool" people in Toronto who probably live downtown, reading in the Globe about the Markham arena, they are saying it's out in burbs and who cares, any second Toronto team should play out of the ACC which basically is "where it's at" in Toronto, downtown. They find anything outside of that "rural" "farmers" type and not "with it". One guy said who is going to go on a Tuesday night to see Florida play the Markham NHL team out there in Markham? I hope to heck reading comments like this that Markham (Hamilton of course as well but not going to happen) builds that arena and packs it and puts the Leafs to shame.

Again we have to remember, the badgering of the CFL and Argos is just a symptom of the fighting going on between Rogers and Bell, sports just brings it more in the spotlight even if it isn't the big money of cable, wireless and all the real stuff they make their monies on.

Agree with you Earl - but I do think Rogers should be ( homers ) a little bit when it does come to the CFL , even if they would come out and say that the CFL isn’t all bad even though it is ( CANADIAN FOOTBALL )

They do earn the majority of their earnings in a country that promotes 3-down football

Yes gem. I am one who has decided not to give money to Rogers anymore for going in their stadium, for anything if I can help whether it be to watch my Tigercats or whatever (Grey Cup I will go though, perhaps, went to the 100th). I wish that David Braley and Bob Young would tell Rogers fine, we don't need you as it is apparent they, Rogers, don't want CFL business. Hopefully this will happen shortly. Rogers is trying to put the screws to the CFL but there are people sucking up to them, Rogers. Not me. If someone spits on my face, I try my best to not be in their presence.

dumb move by Rogers…wonder if that has ever been said before? :lol:

I can't wait until Rogers when they take over from Shaw here, tries to tell me I won't get TSN in HD on the basic cable package, only the Sportsnet channels. Oh will I let them have it then loud and clear. :wink:

I still can't believe Rogers is so far out of touch with Canadians - What if 2,000,000 Canadians said - Hey Rogers , we like the Americans product better than yours and the 2,000,000 Canadians left Rogers for the U.S. product , because it is American ( its got to be better - just because ) stakeholders would come back into reality , real quick.