Its Official. Ricky Williams a Colossal Waste of Money

The Argos are paying this guy 500,000 a year for what? To rush for 30 yards and catch a few passes?

In any other situation, John Avery would be the starter, with Jeff Johnson at fullback. Who knows if Ricky would still be on the team? But because he's from the hallowed NFL, Williams gets overpaid and overplayed.

I don't think you'll see CFL teams throwing big money at players solely based on their reputations from another league anymore. Becuase Ricky has shown you don't always get what you pay for.

If the Argo owners want to spend their money that way, that is their decision. They did get some attention out of it, but very little else. The Americna media lost interest in this story after Ricky became a huge bust up here, because they couldnt dump on the CFL.

they're paying him 250K not 500K

regardless, it was good for the CFL that he came up here. It was also good for Ricky Williams.

Well, at least RW has given the CFL some much needed PR.

Uhmmm.. he had 6 carries.

34 yards on 6 carries with a TD, that he put his body on the line for.

Are you stupid?

He's an average back, the CFL has better...Just like the Tyrell the great...come to the CFL n you'll be average at best...thats the way it is my friends...Go CFL..

It is nice to see a NFL star come hear and look average at best. It just shows how high a level it is played up here. Remember Vince Faragamo

I'd like to forget Vince Ferragamo..........

Anyway, the CFL game is very different from the NFL game on several levels; I think the difference is particularly noticeable in the running games. In the NFL you have a narrower field and four downs. That puts a premium on running backs with power (like Williams); in our game, with the wider field and only three downs, the premium is on a quicker back (like Sir Charles Roberts). Roberts would not do well in the NFL and stars in the CFL; Williams is simply the reverse side of the coin.

Hey EsksT:
He had 36 yards on 8 carries. One of those carries was 12 yards. So the rest he basically did nothing.

And about Ricky giving the CFL more publicity? Bought the National Post today. The CFL was on page 8. But of course there were 4 full pages of baseball. So much for Ricky giving the CFL anymore clout.

Until we get rid of all these baseball fans in the media, the CFL will continue to be on Page 8 of our supposedly “national” newspapers.

You read the National Post?