It's official, Refs are a joke in the CFL

Is this level of Reffing what fans of this league have to put up with? The calls in the Rider vs Argo game is beyond words. This topic comes up every year but when is enough enough? Why does Higgins not bring in new blood to this league. A CFL game is nothing more then a series of flag after flag, and total marginal calls that TSN openly throws its hands up in the air in confusion. Tom should be fired and the commissionaire needs to take action. I might start watching the NFL, I can't take the substandard Refs anymore. Proulox should be fired, his crew is always the worst in the league.

Yup, the Riders didn’t look good, but that had to be one of the worst displays of officiating I’ve seen. I won’t go so far as watching the NFL = sorry NFL fans, I just don’t like the game - but the refereeing tonight was downright embarrassing.

Totally agree!!! I do say that we should have never leave the game in the hands of the officials but OMG... the one series where we intercept... ball caught... one step, two steps, hand goes down, finally he falls and THEN the ball comes out and they say no reception... WTF?!?!? And worse yet was the Toronto reception where the replay clearly shows over and over again that the players foot is out 2 yards back from the spot and even of you use the forward progress of the ball (which they NEVER use unless is breaking the plain of the goal line on a touchdown call) was at least 1 to 1.5 yards back from where the ball was spotted... and the control centre doesn't reverse the call... something's up... that was blatant... Higgins is getting his palm greased by someone and it's not the team from out west!

Got to agree. Who ever was in the command center had to have been cross eyed.

andre proulx was reffing, what did you expect? I can sum it up with this...coming out of the 3 minute warning he told the time keeper to roll the clock. It took an extra 20 seconds off the clock.

The worst thing about Proulx is the lack of ability to get numbers right. When you call penalties make sure you get the number right. Ppl might not think it matters, but it does. A)It makes innocent players look bad. B)It makes you look like you're making bogus calls. How about him explaining that there was no intentional grounding on Collaros because #33 was in the are. I looked at TOR's roster, THERE'S NO ONE WHO WEARS 33!

I don't even care about the numbers personally...if you see something that effects the outcome of the it. he tacked 20 minutes onto this game and sucked the life out of that stadium. This game was seen in the US, and talking to a few friends that tuned in...they tuned out because of it. He was bad both ways...but he is just bad for the league. We get saw a holding away from the play...let it go man. Perhaps he is paid by the flag?

Haven't seen the replay, but the only one I really truly questioned in a big way was the PI the Riders got in the endzone...seemed to me that there was contact both ways and he was in fair position to fight for the ball. Might change my stance when I see it again...I didn't have the greatest view of that one.

I guess there was also one late where an Argo jumped off side, and that made Simon jump, and they called it offsetting...bad call, but at least it didn't go against the Riders.

Agreed. A really strange one was unsportsmanlike conduct on Butler. I didn’t see him do anything other than ask for a flag, which NO ONE in the league does right?? :roll: After watching the Jets Pats game (with a sad outcome :frowning: ) Thurs night I realised how weak our refs are. There were plenty of hits and bumps that the NFL refs let go that would have easily been flags here, and they’re the No Fun League!

Yup...I know lots of people turned off from the game because of it. The bad part is most of the reffing was pretty decent in this game. There were some iffy calls, and that is going to happen, but honestly, it seemed like a lot of the people at the game just wanted it to end it was getting so bad.

Win or lose, at this game, the Ref's wanted us to lose, it was that apparent. We got no breaks, Argos did, not ment to a sob story cause we lost, if we had won would still call it the same.

My own perception here, no proof whatsoever...

I've watched Proulx's crew (somewhat) closely the last few years, because I had a weird feeling about his crew calling games I watched. It seems to me that the calls are relatively heavy toward one team when they're working the game. Not just Rider games...every game, and the team that receives the brunt of the calls changes every time. Like I said, no proof...but take a look the next few weeks and see if I'm way out to lunch, or only just a little out to lunch...

100% agree with this statement. I have felt the same way for some time.

I have noticed this as well. Saw it as a bit of a coincidence at first but have started to think deeper about it recently. I don't want to say they're "dirty" but they seem that way sometimes. It's almost like they listen too much to the players smack talking, take it personally and then lean on their team throughout the game.
Also on the punt in which T-Jack danced in the endzone a little and then got roughed up a bit after taking a knee, he looks to the official for a flag, and there's a voice that clearly says:"That's what you get for dancing around!" Not sure if it was said official or a fan but if it was the official that should raise a few eyebrows. Anybody else notice that??

Several friends have discussed this many times. Some wonder if there are wagers involved, some wonder if he is just pissy at a team or its fans at the time, some wonder if he just gets tunnel vision, but we all agree it happens…and the bad part…the ‘favored’ teams usually get the short end of the stick…hence the speculation that there may be betting involved. I know that is a reach, and am not saying it is the case, but it does make one think.

The fact that there is a legit speculation that the refs are being payed off in a professional league means they're not doing their job properly.

I have often wondered about that. I hate when his crew is officiating any game lol.

Looking at the CFL Ref/crew list, can anyone touch on Dave Foxcroft as a Ref?

I was thinking a bit more about the ball placement we challenged and didn't get (the one where the Toronto player stepped out-of-bounds 2 yards back from where the official spotted the ball). There was talk by the commentators that ball placement on 1st or 2nd down is NOT challengeable. However, earlier in the game Getzlaf makes a reception( it was a 2nd down play I believe), runs down the sideline and is finally pushed out-of-bounds... the official on the play placed the ball at the Toronto 17 yard line. Toronto challenges the play - again, I have no idea what they challenged if you can't challenge ball placement on a 1st or 2nd down - but after review the head official indicated that the player had stepped out-of-bounds at the Toronto 20 yard line... 3 yards back from where the ball had been placed by the original official and it was the correct call. I think the Riders and us fans need a very clear explanation of those calls and why they appear to be in direct contradiction?!??!? I won't even blame the on-field officials... both of these calls were challenged, reviewed and the call was made by the control centre... they need to answer!

yes, these 2 reviews made no sense whatsoever.

Spot is only challengeable on 3rd down
Getz was inside of 3 minutes and a challenge by the replay booth
It is a stupid rule.