It's Official: Olympic Stadium is Paid For

After more than 30 years and over a BILLION dollars, Montreal's Olympic Stadium has been paid for in full. Great. What the hell to do with it now?

This actually put a huge smile on my face.
You hit the nail right on the head.
Seriously, what the heck can they use it for now other than for larger concerts and the odd CFL game.

Well, they could use it for training demolition classes as I've heard that's what's about to happen to it in the not too distant future. :lol:
One reason why taxpayers money really shouldn't be used to pay for stadiums or arenas unless there is a proven financial benefit from this spending on cities infrastructure ie. roads, sewers, hospitals, schools etc.

Well it was origionally supposed to financially benefit the city, but alot of mistakes were made.
When it was in its planning stage it did make sence to build it as it was going to be the new home for the following:
And it was for the longest time but little did they know that down the road they would lose their football team and later their baseball team.
I dont even know if minor league ball teams even use the Big O.
Did it cost to much to build? Of course it did.
Now thats its all paid for I would hate to see it get torn down.

You have to wonder how structurally sound the building is. A part of the cement holding it up, not a huge piece but a piece nevertheless, came off some years back and to me that signals warning signs that something could be seriously wrong with how it was built.

I might be wrong but I think some Quebecers feel ashamed of the whole thing and sooner or later enough may want it out of sight, out of mind.

It may be cost-prohibitive for minor league clubs to use such a large facility: there has to be "x" amount of security personnel during a game, "x" amount of lights on, heat/AC running, parking personnel, insurance carried, other employees, etc. If a team doesn't draw enough people-or even if they do, can't charge enough at the gate due to their minor-league status-using such a facility may end up being a money losing endeavor.

Bring back the Expos. Or just make it the worlds largest hockey arena. You Canadiens are crazy enough to do it. Picture 80,000+ @ a Habs game.

Have you sat way up at the Big Owe Peter? I have and fortunately football uses a fairly big ball or it would be tough to see it, I sat there for a baseball game once and couldn't see the speck of a ball. And hockey, it would be another speck for the puck.

i hear its being torn down after the 08 grey doesnt that mean montreal never gets a grey cup again ( molson stadium is MUCH too small for a grey cup )?

Who knows what will happen then but that would be strange a city the size of Montreal not being able to host a Grey Cup? :expressionless:

Actually the Big O will never be paid off. What about up keep. And the cost to tear it down.

It was not a part holding it up. It was part of the outer edge.

I dont know where you heard that DG but you heard wrong!. I'm not saying they will never tear it down but right now there are no plans to do so!

i heard it on PTS...they said they are lookin at the costs of tearing it down after the 08 grey cup.

they had a guy from the montreal gazette call in and discuss this.

this was yesterday.


When gazette writers tell the Quebec government what to do I will give them some credibility.

A few of the radio call-in shows were talking about it as well but that was only the callers opinion....not the government's intentions.

On the MTL local news yesterday the were talking to the Quebec Minister in charge of wasting money and she said they have no intentions to tear it down.

but does she mean, they have no intentions of tearing it down THIS YEAR? year?...or until after '08..maybe even 2010?

The way she said it was they have no intentions of tearing it down period. Like I said I'm sure it will be eventually but right after the 2008 GC or in the next few years, I doubt it.
Lets be honest..... just because it was not paid for does not mean they could not have torn it down anytime they wanted in the past.

i remember reading, the reason the Als / CFL wanted the Grey Cup in Montreal in '08, was cuz the Big O was said to be getting torn down shortly after.

so the Als had to make their Grey Cup money while they could.

Well I dont doubt you read it!
I just dont have any respect for the writer that wrote it!
As I have say many times in the past.....They will write what they want and dont care about the truth!

i think it was when the TSN website announced, montreal was getting the '08 said it is likely the last grey cup to be played at the Big O.

This is why we need people like drummer in there to write the stories, then no more lying, just the plain truth and facts. :lol:

Just kidding dg, actually I do think you would make an awesome print journalist, honestly. :thup: