I hate to say I told you so and especially for the last few years and yes I know it's only one game, but Bishop is the present and future 1st stringer for the Argos.
Three TD throws, 17 for 31 in passing and nearly 300 yards. More important no pics.
He made good decisions all night and kept the defence on their toes.
Oh yes, did I mention the gun for an arm, the best in all of football.

Still felt sorry for Damon, just standing around looking left out. Maybe he should retire.
Bishop and McMahon both look good. I think the Argos would have won last week as well if Bishop had played the whole game.


I don't want to be mean but Damon should know that he can't play at a high level anymore. He should have gone out on top after the Grey Cup win. Nothing hurts more to watch is a great player who continues past his prime and ruins a great careeer.

i dont feel sorry for damon, he stuck around long enough to get the passign yards record, argos gave him a nice ceremony and paid him big money, he should have retired, its his fault. If he wanted to play big minutes he should have went down to Hamilton. And whats this I hear that Pinball wants to platoon bishop and mcmahon, you cant do that in football, especially pro football, pinball needs to get real and stay with bishop.

I said this last year.

A pro athlete should know when its over and retire with his head held high. Its far better than being cast aside like yesterdays newspaper.

Sometimes the club has to make the decision for older players as they feel they can still get it done. To me, Damon can still throw the ball well enough, if he gets the time, but the legs seem have gone. His running ability was his big weapon in his younger days and with that dimished he is much easier to defense.
It looks like a new generation of QB's will have to come to the fore in the EC this year. The Argos look to have a leg up with Bishop and McMahon appearing to be ready for prime time.
However, IMO Chang for Maas and Proctor for Cavillo will come with some growing pains. To me Maas and Cavillo arms look to be suspect.