I hate to say I told you so and especially for the last few years and yes I know it's only one game, but Bishop is the present and future 1st stringer for the Argos.
Three TD throws, 17 for 31 in passing and nearly 300 yards. More important no pics.
He made good decisions all night and kept the defence on their toes.
Oh yes, did I mention the gun for an arm, the best in all of football.

ya he brings something great to an already impresive argo offence he can run and throw a bullet of a pass he brings something that damon allen doest bring anymore along with a good receiving core he should do well

You also have to remember who you were playing tonight. You cant judge the QB against a team as bad as the Cats. You play stamps back-to-back and then the Als back-to-back , so we will see how he does in those games.

Agreed Sambo, but Bishop has looked good against the Lions last week, in the pre season and last years playoffs.
In fact I do not remember a bad game from this guy.

McMahon is the Future for the Argos, of the Qbs they have now. Bishop is just filler until McMahon is ready.

BTW - 17 for 31 is not very good at all, specially against hamilton.

But don't be surprised and I will be the first to start the rumour of the Cats trying to trade for McMahon.
Oh yes, my Argos would not trade him and especially to the Hammer.

Yeah, poor Hamilton.

Bishop looked good though,very calm.

I also think McMahon looks good.

Toronto may have the best QB depth in the league.

Chang looked promising for the cats, but then again, many others have looked promising only to never be heard from again, so who knows.

It's risky to throw a raw rookie into this situation, even though Chang can be a future star in the league.

Looks like you're right there Thryllin.

Yeah it's deja vu all over again with Hamilton and the Eskies. At least the Cats have some hope with Chang. Not sure what Edmonton will do if Ray can't do the job. Make a trade with Toronto maybe. :lol:

Bishop looked ok against a below average defense. He came off the bench last week, it's tough to put a lot of merit into that outing, there's no pressure doing that. Im not sold on the guy yet, he made a couple of bad decisions and got lucky in this game.

Time will tell once he starts against an average defense.

He has been in the league for what 5-6 years, he is 31 years old and by en large QB's mature in their late 20's or early 30's.
He is the real deal and thats why the Argos signed him to a long term contract, 3+ years.

Yeah, Bishop seemed to be the only thing that saved this boring game. I actually fell asleep... But I also think McMahon is the future for Toronto if he isn't traded.

Hamilton... I'm beginning to think it doesn't matter who leads that team. They just... suck! :frowning:

I saw something in Bishop when he first showed up and hoped for the argos that he would be the real deal, but after this much time, I know he isn't. He might be good enough to win games thanks to strong defense support, but he no all star and I dont think a cup winner. Certainly not the future.

You are wrong FYB.

An opinion can’t be wrong :slight_smile: I actually thought Bishop was still in his 20’s, but he’s 31 already. Luckily the Argo’s have a pretty strong defense and anyone quarterbacking that team just needs to limit the turnovers and they have a chance.

I think McMahon is the future for the Argo’s as well.

could be, but I waited too long for Bishop to be the REAL DEAL and I eventually gave up on him. If McMahon doesnt turn out to be better than Bishop, could be tough for the Argos for the next few yrs.

last i knew, kerry joseph could thorw 83 yards...whats bishops longest?...( i KNOW its not 83 yards )

They just mentioned that DG on the telecast, how he threw for 95 yards.
By the way, aren't you going to tell me I was right all along about Bishop?

right?....cuz he beat the ticats?

i'll say your right if he can beat the stamps.

until then, i think he's just 'ok' but mcmahon is the future.