It's official. Lumsden back.

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My thread beats yours by 1.874 seconds Hogie!.....but I'll delete mine so that you will now owe me a beer.... :lol:

I'm glad he's back (apparantly) as he's a fun guy to watch and makes things happen...


nice, i hope its a 4 year deal!!

do you think jesse will fire up the offence


Cool. What's the concensus? Will he play Saturday?


I tried to delete mine but couldn’t figure out how.

I’ll buy you a beer at IWS soon.


Forget the beer Hoagie, just get us another hour of Football Fridays each week.

Tell Ted we said so!

lol....don't sweat it....just kidding....

Must be good for you CIS boosters to see him back...sure takes a bit of pressure off our QBs for the time being....

I would have loved to have seen him make the Redskins. It's the kid's dream and I'm glad he made a run at it. He certainly didn't look out of place.

That said, there's a big part of me happy to see him back here. The CFL is a better league with him in it and from the Ticats' perspective it's a great thing they got him locked up for NEXT year as well.

From sportsnet:
"It is rumoured that Lumsden signed a long-term deal, which all but kills his hope of taking another shot at the NFL next summer."

Now is 'long-term' only considered the rest of 06 and all of 07 or is he here for a good 3-4 years ? Cause if it's only 07 then that a one-year deal and hardly "long-term"

Right on!....

but I'm pissed!...I thought I'd be able to stretch out at the game this Saturday with heaps of leg room!.....Damn those Ticats for bringing more bums into the seats now!!


I'm happy we have something to perhaps inject some positive into the team's been so depressing to watch all the bashing but fans do have the right to vent....

Top story on your radio show tomorrow Mike?

How long will it take for Lancaster to say he wont be playing this week ? with Davis hurt and Ranek our for the season I think they could show Jesse enough plays to get in a few and return some kicks ( Lord knows our returners have fumbled enough to warrant this )

Lets hope that Hill is recovered enough to play also !!!!

Thanks, Mike and Mikey, for the update on the imminent signing of Jesse Lumsden. Let’s hope the Ticats will still make a strong pitch to sign Corey Holmes too.

Great news!!!

Now trade him for something we need.

Right now we NEED rbs as I stated above we have only 1 real back that being Holmes . With the simplified playbook i`m sure he can learn some plays by Saturday !!!!

Thanks, Mike and Mikey
I protest! dare the "Trawna" guy get top billing!!.....this should read "[i]Mikey and Mike[/i]"......

who's this "Mike" guy anyhow?.....probably thinks he's a "celebrity".... :smiley: :wink:

Hey, this could be the name of a new segment on the Fan590......."The Mikey-Mike Show"

I think Jesse did the right thing. I was worried that he would wait for free agency and sign with Edmonton or someplace. Perhaps to escape the glare of the local media spotlight.

Now he has the chance to become a true hometown hero/legend. If puts in a good string of seasons he'll be the King around these parts. And there's something to be said for not having to leave the area where you grew up. Most people would be pretty happy to have this chance.

Congratulations to Jesse!

I wonder what Holmes thinks of all this ?? Im sure hes pretty confident in his abilities as well he should be , I just hope it doesnt slow his momentum hes built up the past few games . He`s showing what a great back he is and now maybe we have 2 !!!!

...a Canadian running back that has the potential to be a starter.
Potential? The man is a starter! Welcome back Jesse.

You have to think that if Lumsden performs well at RB in the next few games, Corey Holmes will be traded to a playoff team for something that can help the Cats next year. I would rather have Holmes than Lumsden any day of the week, but I suspect that not being allowed to start at RB for the first half of the season in Hamilton has soured Holmes on the Ticats. But maybe Desjardins can mend that fence? Lumsden, Holmes and Radelein in our backfield in 2007, with Ranek back in Ottawa after the expansion draft. I like the sound of that.

I also suspect that with the addition of Lumsden (a special teams demon on coverage) our special teams will greatly improve next year, as soon as we get a real special teams coach who is creative.