I just came across this hot off the presses. Jeff Hunt has joined with the GG group as the potential President.
One would think this group is now as the lead one in the several bidding for the franchise.

Thu, August 10, 2006

Hunt agrees to help bring football back to OttawaThursday, 6 p.m.

Jeff Hunt is on board to try and bring a CFL franchise back to Ottawa.

The 67’s owner told the Sun he has agreed to join forces with Golden Gate Capital, a Toronto-based financial services company, to bid for a franchise.

“I’m going to put my hat in the ring with these guys and see where it goes,? said Hunt from Toronto late this afternoon where he is attending Ontario Hockey League meetings.

“We’ve got an agreement in principle and I’m excited about it. I think there are a lot of great synergies (between a football team and the hockey club). I’m trying to contain my enthusiasm.?

Hunt said his agreement will give him complete control over the business operations of the football team if Golden Gate is successful in acquiring a franchise. Tomorrow is the deadline for interested parties to communicate their intent to the CFL.

It’s believed there will be at least two other bidders, beverage entrepreneur Frank D’Angelo and a group of 8-10 American investors fronted by former CFLer Bill Palmer, the dad of NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer of Ottawa.

Now if he could just bring the fans back too!

Bob Young is doing a good job in Hamilton.

Maybe the new owner in Ottawa should install a big screen.

Or, go one step further and build a restaurant with modern luxury boxes in one of the endzones at Frank Clair Stadium.

If anyone can bring fans back and restore what has been lacking for so long with football here --- credibility --- it is Jeff Hunt.

I put up thread in Renegades forum about Hunt being officially involved --- sorry, Tom. I went there first.

By no means a slam dunk. I still think there's a lot we don't know about all the groups or what specifics are in their proposal. But you have to think GG is in driver's seat now that they Hunt on board.

I think we should keep all the Gades talk in one thread.

Getting ready to lock into my schedule a trip to Ottawa next year for a game!


Hope to see you there. I can't wait to get back out to my seat at FCS

And actually, if Jeff Hunt does some co-marketing with the Gades and 67's, football game one day, 67's the next maybe.

They're a great team to watch, prefer them over the Sens, probably cause i'm a Leafs fan 8)

I have often wondered and especially since the team was put on ice, last year and the for the last game of the season was my first game at FC, to watch my Argos and the Rens.
Whether that would be the last game period, now it appears not and I hope to return next year as well.

Jeff Hunt has a lot of credibility here in Ottawa. I can't forsee anything but good things arising from this partnership... Go Gades!

I’ve tried updating latest in threads in the Ottawa Renegades forum.

Then again, you’ll also have to put up with McMahon’s “Breaking News” thread peddling a bunch of mindless tripe — not even gossip because gossip usually has a modicum of fact to it.

i hope they keep the renegades name...

2 rider named teams in 9 team league is dumb, IMO ( same with baseballs white and red sox )....and the renegades were just starting to feel like a CFL name, and to change it now would be akward all over again.

I’m skeptical of …

  1. Frank D’Angelo,
  2. An American group,
  3. The fact that this is already out in the media.

With the Argos and Ti-Cats, it seemed that the guys who ended up buying them did not go to the media AT ALL. The CFL seems to like it when their prospective owners don’t talk to the media … but I guess it’s different to just say that you’re interested.

At least there is interest out there (not that I didn’t think there was) … and I maintain, if the team is properly run (something I don’t think D’Angelo would do), the fans will come back. They’re definitely there in Ottawa, they just need to be convinced the team won’t be a joke off the field …

I have no problem with this coming out in the media CanucKev, it's free publicity for the league and more important hopefully will stir the pot and get the Ottawa fans excited about the team returning next year.
Who knows and we can all hope maybe Tom Wright will also return with the Ottawa team.

Well, today's Ott Citizen has brief rundown of the three groups.

Most notable is the fact that none of them seem interested in keeping Renegades' name.

Funny you know, No one back in the 1960's and 70's seemed to have any problem with the CFL having two teams named Roughriders / Rough Riders???

why now?

and white sox and Red Sox, is a tradition that is older then your grandfather!.. so take your IMO and leave

haha...loser. u shouldnt be on a forum if u can't handle people opinions being different than yours.

It would appear how the Rough Riders name will be brought back and purchased for $100,000 US from Horn Chen.
As much as I like tradition, I also like the Renegades name and uniforms etc.. Plus and equally as important, I also believe two teams should not have the same name.

but when you say white sox and red sox, you can tell the difference, when you say roughriders and rough riders, very hard to tell what team your talking about (Hence why people called them the Greenriders and Red Riders)