It's Official: 'Gades suspended for 2006 season

The Riders made a profit last year of almost $3 million. But that was mostly from a provincial government forgived debt of $2.8 millioin. SO in fact we still made a profit of nearly $200,000 which is not bad.

They are and have been the last few years during this increase and boom time. That's precisely why you cannot slow down the upswing. In a small league as ours, you cannot afford to lose one team. Perception is reality. Hell, who cares in the NHL if one or several of the US non hockey hotbeds fold.

I think we can afford to lose one team, we did after the 1996 season and survived. I think teams cannot afford to financially keep a team alive in a league where every dollar counts.

I hope Melnyk comes on board next year and Ottawa gets a team going again but until then we have to keep the strong franchises strong and let go of the weak link because it's all about the money..

That's just my opinion and I know we are going to have to agree to disagree on these points.

I don't mean to sound harsh on Ottawa fans, as I like them and respect the team.

But with only 2000 season tickets sold for the Renegades how could anyone say that any reasonable person could support or buy this team so late in the year.

What is left to lose in the city. More people attend College Football then a few 2000 season tickets.

How can this bush league support 2 franchises in one season, but can't help out one for a season? this league is a joke and i hope it dies.

What do you know. With all the turmoil that was going on in the off season, i don't really blame the fans for not buying tickets. I bought mine and i better be getting my money back or else i'll go down to the ski resort in Michigan and knock the shi!t out of the glieberfuuckers.

The two situations are in no way comparable. The league only had to prop up Toronto and Hamilton for the balance of a season (around half if I recall correctly), whereas in this situation they would have to prop up Ottawa right from training camp through the whole of the season.

Also there is a difference between propping a team up a bit, and carrying Ottawa for an entire season with no support from the fans.

Had the Gleibermans and the other owner pulled out in Dec the CFL could do much more to save the team for this season. They could have had coaches and management in place for the team, and told the fans that if they wanted to support the team to step up with a drive to get tickets.

With more time, the fans could have shown whether or not they would support the team, and the CFL could have said if fans meet some amount of season ticket base before the start of the season then they would keep the team running for the year. But because there was no time to attempt something like this, what else was left

Luckily the league won't die, because fans out west manage to support the team with a lot of loyalty, and the remaining teams out east have a very strong fan base.

And let's look at it this way...the argos and Ticats are doing well now with good attendance and stable ownership. Would Ottawa have been able to turn it around like these two clubs have if they were propped up this year? Not bloody likely.

come on guy's, This is nothing new in Ottawa. It's the same old RoughRiders story all over again. I think if the league is to expand, it won't have Ottawa in it's sites. We should look at QC or Hallifax or both.
I honestly think that Ottawa should try a Community ownership group, like in Winnipeg and Sask. They will see it is a tough road but would demand more support from the fan base in Ottawa. Why not... They can't find an owner over there, and never will in my opinion.

This was the best move for the league. The CFL could not afford to run Ottawa this season with an expected 5-6 million in losses. That adds up to alot more then 5oo k per team.

I would have supported Edm, BC, Cal and Tor paying Ottawa's bills this year, they have the cash. :twisted: ( that won't hold well I know,but It stillo needed to be said.)

I also think Winnipeg should be compensated for their troubles. They now have to rebook all their Travel plans and make changes because they are now in the East AGAIN.... It is even more tough for them because they are hosting the Grey Cup and that is alot of work as well.

If you're a Rough Riders fan of old, you must remember when the CFL bailed them out, at great expense to the other teams. That stunt put several previously-healthy teams into financial hardship from which some nearly didn't emerge. And those Rough Riders just ended up folding anyway. Don't blame the CFL for not doing the same thing a second time, crippling some of the other clubs in order to extend the life of a dying franchise by a couple of years.

If the league can be blamed for anything, it's for not doing this a year ago.