It's official - Fred Reid rushing title

I was looking at the Argos depth chart for their game tomorrow against the Als and Cory Boyd is on the injured list and definitely won't be playing. Congratulations to FredEx!

Big congrats, somehow this guy always manages to be the best RB in the league.Pfft, Avon Cobourne, he punches it in from 2 yards out.Reid punches it in from 50+ yards out.Nuff said :cowboy:'re not getting your hands on Fred :lol: ...You're right though ... Freddie just keeps getting it done...IF you watched him in our last game he was limping quite badly...He sucked it up and like the competitor Reid is tried to continue playing....was devastated on the sidelines because he couldn't return...If i have a team of Fred Reids, I've got a winner.. :wink:

I've always been impressed with Reid's playing when he's knicked up. He can be limping around all over the place but you would never know it once he's got the ball in his hands. He's a heck of a player, definitely glad to have him.

Fred, Hunt & Edwards all had great seasons, not surprising when, with a little luck, this team had a shot at 13 - 5.

Definitely one of the strangest Bomber seasons I have witnessed.

It's good to see the Bombers have something to hang their hat on this season.

Yes, Fred did prove his worth this year. I guess we have to give Kelly some credit for keeping Reid last year, and cutting Joe what’s-his-name…