It's official: Durant out, Dinwiddie to start

Well, we have just conceded our playoffs today. I guess this game isn't important enough for Durant to play hurt.

Of course you concede. The odds are so ridiculously long, why would you think of risking Durant's future career if he is dinged up?

Dinwiddie will do fine anyways. It's the defense that can't stop anyone.

To this point I haven't been impressed with the guy. We'll see how he does. If not well, I wonder how long is the rope, and might we actually get to see something of Bergquist?

yeah, the Riders could still pull off a miracle and make the post season, bu this game still has implications for them...they could still make post season. This is the opportunity to give the backup some valid playing time and earn his roster spot for next season, or look bad and open the door for a younger guy like Bergquist.

Gotta give him a shot. We haven't really seen anything of the guy (3 starts in the last 3 years...sat out one year and understudy to DD otherwise). He may surprise some with a decent week of 1st team reps in's to hoping.

Watching Dimwiddie get back to back sacks, brutal. He wasn't any good in Winterpig, and he ain't any good here.

Yes, those 3 interceptions were reminiscent of his Grey Cup performance. . .