It's official: Carleton Ravens CIS Football Returns

Story here: ... 0110706-81

This great news indeed for Carlton. :thup: The University of Waterloo returns this season too from a one year absence.

Nice. :thup:

Too bad it couldn't be done in time for 2012, but better late than never. I wonder if the OUA will split the conference in two, since 11 teams in one is quite a bit.

East: Ottawa, Carleton, Queen's, Toronto, York
West: McMaster, Guelph, Waterloo, Laurier, Western, Windsor

Are there any other Ontario schools out there that wanna make it an even 12? Ryerson maybe? They're a big enough school, but is anyone willing to make it happen?

I think Ryerson and Brock have both talked about it, but start-up costs got in the way. Unlike Carleton, those schools never had a football team, so there's no alumni players out there to organize a return.

If the number of CIS teams is a multiple of 4, I wonder if they'd consider splitting the whole CIS football program into 4 conferences instead of dividing it up according to the regional associations and having the very small AUS conference of only 4 teams vs. the large-by-comparison OUA with 11 teams. If OAU ever did get a 12th team, it would have at least twice as many teams as any of the other conferences, which seems rather unbalanced.

I thought Brock had a team at one time?

According to this article,

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their football team is undefeated since 1964, because that's the year Brock was founded, and you can't lose a football game if you don't have a team. :wink:

That's a good point, the OUA would have huge competition whereas the AUS would be a breeze. Even in 2014, when the OUA champ and AUS champ meet in the Mitchell Bowl, the OUA team will have had to have gone through so many more teams (10) than the AUS team (measly 3).

Maybe the CIS could bring back an OQIFC format where Ottawa and Carleton would play in the QUFL. I don't think you could go completely even because with balanced divisions, the travel costs for out-of-province teams get to be too high. Too bad stupid SFU (my alma mater, but they still hella stupid) had to jump to the NCAA, otherwise that would make 28 teams. Your idea would then probably work.

I often wondered about Laurentian University in Sudbury. They have a fair size stadium on campus (might need some work) and there is an active Ontario Varsity program in the city. They have an enrollment of around 9000 so it could be done, but I know how committed they are to their sports programs.