Yahoo, I just heard it on Sportsnet, Pinball and Bishop were interviewed and both says all things being equal MB will start against the Cats.
This will now serve notice on the rest of the league, how the Argos are back.

Now how many people wanna switch their picks in the VGCC? :lol:

Thats why I have waited as there were rumours going back the last few weeks.

Are you certain he will start?
So far I hear he will be on the roster, but as the #2 guy.

I'd be surprised if he started considering he's coming back from a broken wrist...

Bishop has been throwing the past couple of weeks. But he did break the wrist on his throwing arm. I would be surprised if he's 100%.

Hamilton should be very afraid if Bishop plays. :smiley:

Afraid DB, are you kidding me? The guy has been out some 6 weeks now and coming back maybe too soon. And the Chang Gang are ready to rock and roll IWS. The Argos or Agros don't have a chance and the good ship Argonaut is leaking bad ready to go under come this Monday. Sorry man but that's the way this boy sees things. :twisted:

So if and when Bishop stumbles, what's next for the Argos?

What's next? Pinball gets "promoted" to the front office and someone else takes over and the season is a wash, in the year when the Argos are hosting the GC. Can you spell D I S A S T E R, good, I knew you could. :wink:

....Bishop could be returning a little early to the Agro line-up after an injury to the all important throwing hand....BUT ....we'll see, if he does play, how fast a healer he is...and how quick he can shake the rust far as the Cats go....i think they should be putting Maas on a very short leash....and if he starts looking bad early...get Chang in and give themselves a chance... :roll:

i have to edit this one....looks like Chang gets the start....i guess Taffe has seen the light...and Maas has been left in the dark... :expressionless:

that guys armstrength amazes me. i wonder how far he can throw the ball healthy. looks like he can throw 60 yards off the flick of a wrist sometimes

:lol: No doubt...

With the way Rocky B has been playing the past few weeks, why is it so crucial that Bishop return in order to beat the Cats? Just asking...

Go Riders!!

As good and surprising as Rocky has been, he has not been able to complete the deal and score from the red zone.
Rocky is no Bishop, who is a threat with his arm and running ability.
The team without Bish is 0-5, enough said.

Printers? :lol:

TO is back, they'll crush the Cats, and we'll all be talking about what a good job Pinball has done in a few weeks. They still won't be true Cup contenders though, Winnipeg will open a lead in the west and the Riders and Lions will have to tear into each other in the playoffs.