It's official, Benevides being named Lions Head Coach!

yup, Twitted recently, Mike’s gonna be a HC in Vancouver!

Indeed, news conference set for Tuesday in Vancouver.

No, surprise and great to hear.
He will also remain as defensive co-coordinator.

It's "tweeted." :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats to him on the promotion.

Not sure if that's the greatest thing. There are a lot of little nuances to learn for a first year head coach. He may be better off learning those and being a little more experienced with the whole H.C. thing before taking on the additional role. I'm thinking one of these two areas will be al little lacking because of this. But, congrats and good luck to him.

Ok now it's official! I just hope he isn't taking on too much by staying the D coordinator.

Listening to the radio, it appears as though it's NOT confirmed that he will stay on as coordinator. He also stated that he's not likely to look elsewhere, so it would be an in house promotion.

I guess the TSN article claiming he would stay on as D coordinator was pre-mature.

Personally I think it would be a mistake to keep the DC title as well. Can anyone name any successful first-time head coach who had both the HC and coordinator titles (either OC or DC)? I can think of three or four who tried and none lasted more than 2 seasons before being fired that I can recall.

Agreed Blue Blood. . . wearing too many hats is not a good idea for a first-time head coach. Matt Dunigan springs quickly to mind.

Richie Hall is another...

The ever infamous duo of Bart Andrus and Mike Kelly as well.