Its Official: Argos are as bad as us..

Anyone expect to read something like this from Don Matthews??? The winningest coach in CFL history?

(From today's Toronto Star)

There was confusion, too. With the Argos trailing 21-13 with time running out in the second quarter and the ball at the Calgary 45, Matthews mysteriously elected to punt even though that was certainly within kicker Mike Vanderjagt's field-goal range.

The mystery was cleared up after the game when Matthews blamed miscommunication for his decision.

``I was told it was a 62-yard field goal instead of a 52-yarder," he said, adding that had he know the proper distance he would have gone for the field goal.

``That's my fault because I've got to arrange better communication for myself so I know where the ball is and I can make the proper call."

Hmmm, maybe he's just blaming someone else for his error, wouldn't be the first time anyone anywhere tries to blame someone else for their mess-ups, hey, I know I've done it to be quite honest. 8)

he just looks lost as the coach this time around

maybe if he has a training camp under his belt they would be better but the argos stink right now. they are going to go through the same struggles as us over the next couple years. They don't have any young players with experience.

Unless we Catch them For 3rd Where Still Worse..

i think we have a better team than the argos.

in all but 3 games this year we were competitive.

The argos has some success at the beginning of the year but now, they are just terrible. their offense can't score and defense can't stop anybody.

The Argos don't even have a young foudation to build around the next couple years. Too many old vets.

Yes, Matthews seems to be missing something this time around....

Well for the last four or five years we have been bemoaning that the fact that we weren't as good as the Argos. I don't think we meant parity quite this way. Oh well "Next Year" might actually ring true in this case.