Its offical!! The CFL has cancer!!

Even "David Braley is a cancer" is not as offensive as "The CFL has cancer!!" - altho it is close.

Anyway, it is no big deal.

Maybe the context is misunderstood..Almost my entire family has been taking out by cancer, so its not something to joke about. I sincerely see David Braley as holding back this league right now not just from flourishing, but and now he is actually holding it hostage and destroying it... The league ca . Not even find a commishoner until Braley is gone.. This league needs to purge itself of this guy in a bad way

But if he signs a lease this summer, he has ONE YEAR to sell tickets for the 2016 season or it’s likely that if he signs a lease and the renovation takes place they will be in there for the 2017 season.

Actually, without Braley there would be no Argos. He will have to suck up the losses at the RC for another year unless Torontonians come out in droves to buy season tickets at the RC.
Do you think that spending a lot more money on marketing would sell more season tickets?


David Braley is no saint but, without him, there would be no Argos. For that we need to be grateful. I also agree that Marketing does little to nothing for the Argos and it is better for that money to go straight to the bottom line.

Having said all that...

Story after story after story paints Braley as the bad guy - even in media not owned by MLSE. With all that smoke there has to be some fire.

As long as it all works out and MLSE ends up owning the Argos, David Braley can be forgiven for negotiating hard. However, if it blows up and the Argos end up with a lesser (or no) owner, he will forever be remembered as a man who crippled the CFL because of his greed.

Selling the team would sell more tickets at SkyDome this year... There is going to TFC sized crowds at SkyDome this season with all of the negative publicity and lack of marketing

Then he'll just go on losing money on them and it'll serve him right.

I find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with you.

From what I understand, Argos at this point have sold 1,500 season tickets. I can honestly see some games being played in front of less than 10,000 people this season (especially if their essentially 6 game road trip to start the season doesn't go well). I posted my rants on the Argofans site, but in short, it appears as if the Argos sales stategy is to sit back and wait for potential customers to contact them. What they really need to do is hire more people (Cheapskate Braley will not do this) and go pound the streets, and the corporations to make sales.

This team is in dire staits, and need to get aggressive.

Disagree with this. At the very least the league would be running them, just as bare bones as Braley has. I'm sure TSN has language in their TV deal that gives them an out if there is no Toronto team.

And damage the rest of the league in the process...

Why, oh why do I open thread started by you Mr. Bungle?

I never thought I was a masochist, but now I have to wonder.

Using this forum to repeatedly reiterate your "dislike", I don't like using the term hate but it could be appropriate, of Mr. Braley is at this point tiring and sad.

The title of this article is totally inappropriate. I have always hated when people refer anything to cancer unless it is actually about cancer. My wife survived this horrible disease. I love the CFL but this is a ridiculous comparison.

Obviously you did not see my post in this thread about the word "cancer" having a meaning beyond that of the physical disease.

I will say it again: the word "cancer" was used correctly, if sensationally, in the original post.

can·cer /?kans?r/


noun: cancer

the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
"he's got cancer"

•a malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.
plural noun: cancers

a practice or phenomenon perceived to be evil or destructive and hard to contain or eradicate.
"racism is a cancer sweeping across Europe"

so, technically, the word cancer in this topic is used correctly as the op ignorantly intended.

Agree, I don't see any technical problem with how the word 'cancer' is used here. The problem is that some people, including myself, almost see this as the same thing as "Its offical!! The CFL [ie Braley] has cancer!!" Now it can be argued that's my problem reading into as such and that is most likely the case. If there is any one person who people associate the CFL with, it's David Braley I think for a lot of folks.

Based on the financial specifics of the deal they made to sell or give a home game to Fort MacMurray, maybe they should just move there until/unless they get a BMO Renovation, or a new owner willing to build a new football only stadium. It sounds like they’d make a lot more money based on the ticket prices. (I know, a one-off game isn’t the same as playing 9 games there. No guarantee they’d sell out 15,000 per game there for the entire season.)

Your interpretation is wrong. If you say someone "is a cancer in the lockerroom", that's entirely different from saying something "has cancer". It's inappropriate, juvenile, classless and plain wrong.

The original poster should have been banned from these forums long ago, he's one of the reasons few people come to these quiet forums.

I was trying to convey how strongly Braley is harming the league... If I crossed the line for some people, I guess I apologize for that... My family has a history of cancer, so I hate cancer too. That being said, my uncle just became a quadrepalegic and I would not freak out if someone said the Braley is crippling the league

Just overly dramatic and sensational Mr. Bungle but people, myself, who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. While I don't agree with your idea that Braley is crippling the league or whatever, your last post shows decency with this, I will say. :thup: